Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Could this week last any longer? Maybe it only seems that way since I essentially had a week long vacation and I was only in the office a total of 6 hours last week....already surpassed that today alone. Road tripping through Columbus, Phenix City, Albany, Athens, Augusta and Stockbridge took me almost 900 miles and all over the state of Georgia. I was in Alabama on Tuesday and South Carolina on Wednesday.....then a solid 8 hours to St. Petersburg on Thursday for a nice vaca of beach and baseball.

Brittany Raymond, Florida cheerleader with strategically placed Gators.
Who saw Wilbur on Sportscenter???

So after two days of Rays baseball in the leather seats in the Homeplate Club we return to the grind of the Atlanta workweek. Seriously, no one knows how to drive here. On the way down Peachtree this morning I had two people drive in my lane.....and theirs, WTF?!?!?!?

Anyhooo............Smoke is leaving Joe Gibbs Racing for the newly minted Stewart Haas Racing....leaving Toyota behind to drive for Hendrick built Chevy engines. Do it, Smoke!!!

FANTASY NASCAR UPDATE: Tigernation aka Gwinlikesboys is in the lead while $hakes McFly aka Kissmyass has overtaken Wilbur Churchill aka Roaring Wilburos for 2nd by a mere 10 points. The Flying Dutchman and the Gwizzle round out the bottom. Step on it!!!

PRESEASON PREDICTIONS COMING SOON................less than 50 days til kickoff.

Out, Pablo Bryant, Jr.

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