Monday, October 29, 2007

South Korean UGA football fans

Go Dawgs!!! The deserve to sic' em after this weekend!


tigernation said...


"The deserve to sic'em after this weekend"


King of Tigerland said... takes something that outrageous to get a comment

"Anyone" made a comment about lack of blogging so when the blogging returns "anyone" is nowhere to be found

tigernation said...

"anyone" who reads this blog must be pretty bored...ha ha including me

just found a VHS tape of the BTB live from the Blue Room April 2003....rugged stuff

King of Tigerland said...

that video shakes walls and crumbles foundations

Daddy said...

Happy Hameen!

lola said...

ivan predicts cu vs bama in the peach bowl. i know its a long way off and alot can and will happen but it it comes to be, care to make a wager??????