Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back to the Ham

Life has been crazy lately. Can't explain, don't really want to try. Ol' Chuchill is about to leave the office to head back to Birmingham for a client tour in the morning. First though, he has to call AAA to get his truck started. Yeah, seriously, before I go anywhere, I call AAA. Hey guys, can you give me a jump?? Thank heavens we are dropping it tonight and rocking a sweet full size rental tomorrow.

A few observations from the weekend to give you something to think about til my return on Friday.

-Applewhite and Saban are not on the same page, regardless of how well the offense performs. Does anyone else get the impression that Major is thinking like Roy Upchurch, F*** Saban??

-Mark Richt is a good man. Damn near, knocked out his own thugs when they were jumping on Vandy's star.

-Tubs has bit of confidence in his defense. Yeah, seriously, how obnoxiously cocky do you have to be to sit on a 3 point lead?

-Brandon Coutu has the funkiest eyebrows in the SEC. He looks evil.

-Tony Barnhart picked AU over LSU..............ah oh.

Out, King


tigernation said...

Tony Barnhart is a loose cannon.

One month he writes in the AJC about how great the talent is at UGA....and then he goes on TV saying they just don't have the talent they used to have.

Which one is it? I mean they have a top 5 class every year so either the players are over rated or they aren't being coached.

Ok so thats my opinion

Daddy said...

The Tommy Tub ford commercial is finally running on tv.

King of Tigerland said...

I" thought he was a Chevy guy

Daddy said...

He actually drives a Nissan truck now.

lola said...

oh my god.......south carolina #5. i may be sick

tigernation said...

LOLA!!!! Where have you been? We've been needing some variety lately

lola said...

nation, i've been around. you guys have not been here much either.
same ole same ole for klempson. but sakerlina at #5. give me a freaking break.
seriously, i'll put on daddy's chaps if they end up in the top 5.