Friday, October 19, 2007


Oh, what a slobberknocker it is gonna be!

LSU/Auburn...the winner will probably represent the Western Division in Atlanta, which is the way it has been for a long time. The two defenses in the conference. Two inconsistent offenses. What a war this will be.

Daily Football Fix Dead on Pick..........Auburn the house. If we are lucky, there will be 11 points total.

I can't wait to hear the stories from Tommy & Eddie in Baton Rouge.

On the way back from Birmingham Wednesday, Wilbur met Carl & Odell at the Peerless for a Coors. Interesting place, the oldest questionable establishment in Alabama. Circa 1899. Gotta love a bartender who looks like a mechanic.

As we sat at the bar watching Carl be a vidieot on the video game machine, he made a statement that rang true to me.

"I still act like I did in college." - Carl Montgomery
You know what, I do to. So does Nation, $hakes and Gayddy. Why? I am still the same person, I have matured, however I am still the same person. And you know what? I am probably gonna act like that for a while. I am having to much fun. Hanging out in questionable establishments, chasing crazy women and enjoying all that the big city has to offer a twenty something who spends his days in a steel and glass office tower. At night, I wanna cut loose a bit.....drink here, a smoke there, here a drink, there a smoke, everywhere a drink, drink.

Regardless, point being..........we are still the same people we were in college and always will be.........proof? Eddie and Tommy in Baton Rouge this weekend! War Damn Eagle!!!
Kim K takes the Vols. Another Paris Hilton wannabe who only real talent is sex.
Tennessee wins outright. Last time the 3rd October in Saturday was in Tuscaloosa the Bamers made a painting of pathetic 3 field goal, aren't we lucky he fumbled game. Not this year. Vols hang 30 on the Tide and roll, 31-21.
Florida gets it together and blows UK out of the water, 42-24.
Wilbur, out!

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