Friday, October 12, 2007

Called Out...State of Alabama Midseason Update

The King of Tigerland has been called out for lack of activity on the blog recently. Well, yeah, given the fact that he is working two jobs, developing and closing business and travelling back and forth from Birmingham to Atlanta among other things....yeah, it has slipped. Not anymore, the fire has been lit and the vengeance shall return.

On top of that, called out by a punk who hides behind a friends screename. P*&$y. Yeah, go ahead and call someone's grandmother to sell her retirement services that are mearly junk bond, bullsh@t securities. Again, p@#&y.

Not anymore, the following post will be a scathing return to the good old days where all Carl Montgomery could say was, F@#k you! Hopefully this next post will elicit that response.


With identical records, Alabama and Auburn could not be further apart in regards to the state of the football programs. Auburn has found an identity while Alabama has regressed.

First, Alabama is in trouble. The redshirt freshmen running back who the Bama fans (including Carl Montgomery) crowed about as the SEC's leading rusher is not even the starter anymore. Bama prefers to run the ball with Glen Coffee, who reminds me of Tarrant Lynch, and Roy "F Saban" Upchurch. The Mississippi Midget, Terry Grant, is no longer the Tide's first choice.

The offensive line still sucks. #71 can't play all 5 positions and Andre Caldwell is the most overrated linemen in the SEC. Right after King Dunlop but we will get to that in a few.

Coaching...not pretty. The most telling sign that Alabama is poorly coached. At the end of a game in a hail mary situation, DB's are taught to knock the ball down, not intercept it. Well, the team player that is Simeon "I'm a crying b$tch" Castille intercepted the Houston football to end the game while LSU knocks down Tebow's last prayer in Baton Rouge. And Saban coaches the DB's, don't tell me he is not telling those guys to knock it down. They just don't listen or care (ex. Roy "F Saban" Upchurch).........also, when the head coach calls out the playcalling in the papers it is not good......the tide is unravelling, fast.

Johnny Parker Walker Crimson, well that is another story. He will not be an elite QB ever at Alabama, he doesn't have the footwork or balls it takes to win in the SEC.

Defense, huh, what defense? That is a joke on the Capstone.

To be blunt, Alabama does not know how to close the door on an opponent, a trademark of a Nick Saban team. This isn't Saban's team. Nor will he stay around long enough to make it his.

Bama is favored by 6 in Oxford this weekend, ha, Ole Miss covers like a champ and might win!

Do you really think he will be there for his first recruit's senior season?

Now back to the eastern plains of Alabama for the Auburn report. Not much to write about other than the Tigers look to be the class of Alabama football again. Their offense has regained its footing and looks to be as explosive as 2005. Tubs says he will be back (we shall see) next year.

The defense is #2 in the league and missing 4 starters. Seriously?!?! How is Will Muschamp not the best DC in the league? I say better than Bo Pelini. Who wants to argue??

In closing, Auburn looks to be the dominant team in Alabama again.


Ole Miss +6

LSU -9

Georgia -7

Auburn +3

Warmest regards,

Wilbur P. Churchill

The King of Tigerland

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