Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Waiting Game

July 4th was fun,

as baseball plays its second half beneath the sun,

we wait for another three weeks until fall practice begins,

40 some odd days 'til kickoff and a season full of wins.

The waiting game is almost over.

Enough fine American prose, the magazines are out. Love 'em or hate 'em, they cause a stir and usually have a few hot cheerleaders between the covers.

USC is the consensus #1. Why not? The have songirls. They are loaded physically, do they have it mentally to go wire to wire?

LSU is tops in the SEC at #2, then Florida at #7, Georgia at #12, Tennessee at #15 & Auburn at #17. With Arkansas, Alabama, Vanberbilt, Kentucky, & South Carolina lurking near the top of the class as well.

Smoke Wins!! Finally.

DFF Fantasy NASCAR Update...

$hakes & Carl are running away with it as Nation, Wilbur & Trey round out a sad group.


King of Tigerland said...

I can't do it. Not for the life of me. I couldn't imagine having kids anytime soon. My roomates family moved in this weekend and are still here. Kids...age 12, 7,5 and a crying infant. This has been the most stressful weekend ever!! I can't wait til I move to my own place in a few weeks. I need a break from this ridiculous situation.

flyingdutchman said...

(This is RedOak by the way, I cannot remember my password to save my life, so I changed names...)Friday night I was walking through the Gadsden Mall with my brother while the girls shopped for baby stuff. Now let me preface this by saying that most of you would agree that all of the Daniel Moore style paintings are of AU/UA events that HAVE HAPPENED IN THE PAST. i.e. Prothro's catch, Ronnie Brown running over the Tenn. guy, Carnell's 80-yard TD run, etc. We walked into Sports Mania(your typical UA/AU only store)and we saw the most insane piece of frame work in history. Hanging on the wall next to famous Daniel Moore type paintings such as, "The Catch" and "Rocking Stop" was a huge one of the one and only Nick Saban! It shows him on the sidelines with a headset on, and red Alabama golf shirt on, and JPW standing behind him as if they are cheering on the defense. Now correct me if I am wrong, but the coonass has not even coached a damn game yet and these jokers are already making a painting of him! I along with my brother lost it. This man is being set up for failure folks, plain and simple. And you have your own Alabama faithful to thank for that. Your thoughts....

King of Tigerland said...

Absolutely right, Red Dutchman. His straw golf hats are the rage now. There will be two outcomes for this situation. One, which is highly unlikely, Saban will an NC. Two, since there is little to bind him to Tuscaloosa in his contract, he leaves sooner rather than later as the Bama faithful suffocate him.

Saban has been on the road the last few weeks doing non- stop media. The mastermind behind it? His wife, she is tired of the media appropriately ripping him a new one for his arrogance.

Remember these schools...LSU, Michigan & Penn State. Allegedly Penn State is Saban's dream job so don't be surprised if he leaves to take over JoePa's program. Les Miles may go to Michigan when Lloyd Carr steps down at the end of the year so it would not be a surprise to see Saban slide back to Baton Rouge.

Carl Montgomery said...

Yeah I heard saban is leaving next week for happy valley

Carl Montgomery said...

I do love the new name red oak. You always reminded me of rik smits

That is a classic red oak nickname. Bol and team love gravy.

King of Tigerland said...

That is the word on the street, Dr. Why are you so harsh on him. Didn't you know he was sensitive?

How is the job hunt going?

I am at lunch watching LSU/AU from 2004.

Carl Montgomery said...

He is very sensitive.

Job hunt has kind of been put on hold as I have decided to be George costanza and move back in with the parents to continue it. Already put in the resignation letter. Working through the month and then will be employed by Mike Clonts Dixie ice cream Distributors

King of Tigerland said...

Coming home for football season.

ShakeYour$Maker said...

The Dutchman,

Long time no see. Great story. Not surprising at all though. Completely pathetic is all that needs to be said.


Since you are back on the block at Red Oak, how bout pulling a couple of trash cans out in the road so we can have another BFI Open tennis tourney.

Anonymous said...

dutchman here....I cannot figure out this shit with logging back in...someone help me. Give me a step-by-step on how to post a comment starting from when I click on the " 9 comments" on the homepage of DFF. It has me all messed up.....Team Love Gravy with G-Hutch down in the paint. You could never handle the running hook shot from Slick Rick. BFI Open...I wonder who still holds the title?