Monday, July 16, 2007

July 10 Auburn Passing Practice


King of Tigerland said...

gotta love a nice bama arrest!!

tigernation said...

Ok so at Auburn and UGA you get at least a 3 to 6 game suspension for underage drinking arrests...right?

So, if Saban is the disciplinarian that Shula wasn't, then we should see at least a 3 to 6 game suspension for fighting with bouncers, resisting arrest, assaulting the police, busting out a cop car window, and overall thuggery....right? And this would apply to 3 players, two of which add VERY much needed depth on the defensive front.

So lets see if Saban will risk crippling his defense even more (which would be like cutting the ears off a blind man) or if he will snake and lie his way through this like he has every other sticky situation his entire life.

I'm going with a one game suspension after these "bogus" charges are dropped or lessened and ice cream is rewarded.

Carl Montgomery said...

yes because we all know that everyone follows auburn policy. what Tuberville does, sets the tone for the SEC right??

another typical Barner logic post Nation

ears off a blind man?? I cant read this shit today

ShakeYour$Maker said...

I was gonna lay off until UAT did some punishing, but I can`t resist.


I know you don`t care for Tubbs, but you have to admit that he does not play around when it comes to disipline. I like the stance Tubbs takes against trouble-making, and think other schools should take lessons from how he handles his players.

Bama has always been known for not releasing info to the media, etc.. regarding punishent for players. Hopefully Saban will man-up and not be the bitch that Shula was, and kick these idiots off the team. Some people say that these guys were just doing what they had to do to become team captain like Juwan Simpson last season.

Brandon Deaderick did his best impression of the fat ass Britt boy that head-butted a cop a few years back. WTF was this kid thinking?

Saban=Bitch , so we already know how he will handle the situation. Maybe a couple of suicides, but they will have learned their lesson before the season, so they will not miss any games. Maybe the opening game against Western Carolina Dancing School.

Carl Montgomery said...

How did I know your lil faggoty ass would show up today?

I don t even read your posts anymore shakes. I have known you to long to believe anything worth reading was actually typed in

tigernation said...

I didn't realize i said Tubs set the tone for the SEC. I was just pointing out that at other schools in this conference (notice UGA) suspensions are harsh for lesser crimes than what these guys did the other night.

I don't care how he punishes them, but if bama fans want to continue to crow about a "change in direction" and all this Saban doesn't mess around shit, then i would hope he would at least keep them out of a game or two. Just an opinion shared by thousands, not just barners.

I've actually seen some bammers post the exact thing so i don't think its unfair to expect Satan to walk the walk after talking the talk.

And as for "ears off a blind man". I thought it was funny. And i'm no expert but from what i hear and read it doesn't look like bama has much depth on the d-front. I mean didn't they move a back up o-lineman to noseguard in the spring? Ga

tigernation said...

WEll I just finished my first phone interview with Edward Jones Financial, went pretty well and i have to meet with a local agent later this week. So everybody wish me luck, this would be a HUGE step, i'm crossing my fingers and praying like the dickens for this one.

King of Tigerland said...

get em, nation

I might let you invest what I have left in my piggy bank at home.

tigernation said...

Ha ha yeah, if i was lucky enough to get this one i would be hounding everybody I know and their families for business. Jake said him and his bro would invest and of course i could get my family. That would be a start.

But there is s looooong way to go before i could even get close to getting the job so I really hope this works out.

Don't want to be counting any chickens right now. If you know what i mean

Daddy said...

good luck nation. I need an investment advisor as well.

tigernation said...

oh well in that case daddy i already have an investment tip for you.....invest in the gayest of gay porn sites since we all know you are not only performing on there but you will also keep the sites in business by your 4 times a day homo jack sessions!!!

Daddy said...

Nation, I bet your butt tingles every time you have these fantasies. could just be an accident in the depends.

tigernation said...

No, my butt doesn't ever tingle. But it has been know to sweat profusely at the drop of a hat. Its also been known to itch from time to time, but never tingly.

Only you would know about tingly butts on guys!

tigernation said...

So dad and I almost whipped this guys ass about ten minutes ago.

He came in the store and looked around and my dad was just asking him if he could help and what he was looking for. Well the guy said y'all aint got nothing and my dad joked and said "wel we must not have what you are looking for, what do you need?"

The guy just stomped away and said "well i see why you're going out of business with that attitude." And my dad was being so nice and just joking so it pissed dad off. Well he yells "you're just a jerk."

So the guy says "no you're a damn jerk."

Well that flew all over me and i screamed form the back "fuck you and flicked him off as he walked out the door.

so he looks like his feelings are hurt and starts coming back in. I came out of the back and dad and i started towards the door.

So dad opens it up and the guy says "he flicked me off" and i said damn right ass hole.

Dad pushed me back and said I'll handle this and told the guy "come on in and get some".

Well the guy just closed the door and left but dad really almost beat the shit out of this redneck. Probably a bama fan, by the way.

Wow my heart is racing. dad and i are pumped.

lola said...

you guys are hysterical. renovating is a bitch.


tigernation said...

So shakes - should i tell the my funny story form the weekend?

King of Tigerland said...

please do, nation

I need some entertainment as I am about to go and start stacking every building in buckhead

tigernation said...

Ok here goes nothing....

So we are rocking the stage at the Sky Bar in Auburn saturday night....well all of the sudden i look up and Shakes has his cousin-in-law James and some chick singing in the mic with him.

No big deal, happens all the time.

Well the Shakes tells the girl he is married so she turns around and starts singing with me on my mic.....she's a hot little blonde by the way.

Well i get to talking with her and next thing i know she has her hand on the back of my head and her tounge down my throat....mid song.

Well this obviously affects my playing (wrong chords in a two chord song...go figure) but i had a fucking hot ass chick stuck to my face!!!! Wouldn't your guitar playing suffer???

Well this went on for the rest of the show, which i was told was easily an hour, i thought it was just a song or two but i guess not.

So my bad playing really pisses off my brother but we finish the show and everything is cool.

So this little Phi Mu actually waits around and helps load our equipment up.

Soooooo Me, this girl, James (seth's cousin-in-law) and his girl leave together and end up all in the same bed at this girl's house. Well her room-mates come in and everybody is obviously blocking my game but i was wasted and didn't really care.

Well my girl ends up getting sick so nothing really happens. Well The whole night she was saying it was her birthday and i figured at least 21st or 22nd.

Well i wake up spooning with James' date at like 8 in the morning, my girl has since moved to another room where there aren't 4 people sharing a queen bed.

So i get up and go outside to smoke my last cig.............I LOCKED MYSELF OUT when the door closed.

So there i am with no earthly idea where in Auburn I actually am, no car and nobody is answering the phone.

So i started walking, turns out i'm about a mile form downtown and Shakes' house.

Made it home tired but alive with an awesome story......

Oh yeah, and come to find out it was the girls 20th birthday.....making her a cool 7 years younger than me.

Somebody's still got it....ha ha