Monday, July 23, 2007

Michael Vick dog fighting... GOOD GIRL!


tigernation said...

Can't believe nobody has a comment about my saturday.

Look at me i need attention!!!!!

Daddy said...

It was a good story, one to go in the movie. I think we are a little disappointed that there was not as much taudry behavior though. But making out with a girl much much much much much much much much younger than you on stage is pretty cool!

tigernation said...

Hell yeah its cool. And there would have been lots of bad behavior if her room-mates hadn't come in and blocked me.

And James with his girl in the bed with us didn't help.

4 people in a queen bed is too many if everybody is wearing clothes.

I need to talk to james about it too, bet he doesn't know i walked home.

Oh yeah, don't forget that she was H....O.....T.

Might get chuck to Facebook stalk her...ha ha just kidding

King of Tigerland said...

they were blocking bc you were so old

tigernation said...

whatever dude. They were blocking because...
a)they were jealous
b)she was wasted and they knew what would happen with a machine like me in the house
c)they were jealous

Daddy said...

do you remember her name?

tigernation said...

yes, yes i do.

I thought it was stephanie but its tiffany, phi mu from huntsville.

Don't really want to say the last name on the internet since some people actually read this site.

but she is on facebook daddy so check it out

ShakeYour$Maker said...

Nation----They were blocking..or you were completely out of game by 3:30am? Jealous....maybe, but I heard one of her roomie`s saw your ID and told her that you were 41. And yes, she was wasted, and they did not want her to get pregnant by someone that is 20+ years older.

tigernation said...

That is not funny.

I was still rolling game at 330, she was just puking the the toilet so my game went to waste.

I was wasted too so i'm curious to speak with your damn cousin about the situation. I'd like to hear what he has to say because i'm sure its funny.

Shakes - give me a shout if you get a chance i have a question that needs to stay off the world wide web.

King of Tigerland said...

Nation, I hope this happens to you every weekend once you formally move down with the married folks.

I just signed up for facebook so I will try and check her out.

tigernation said...


you stay the fuck away!!!

don't take that the wrong way but seriously, no stalking if there is any chance that my name could be tied into it....thanks

And i'm not so sure it will happen ever if i move down there.

Its gonna be hard for me to shack with 20 year olds since i won't be going to the bars unless we end up playing music.

But obviously anything is possible if i was to catch fire again

Daddy said...

I cant find her anyway

tigernation said...

its cool my brother found her...ha ha...we looked at it yesterday...

nothing to see really

King of Tigerland said...

you need to relax, dude...go ahead and deflate that head of yours bc there are many other reasons ranking above any hooker you hooked up with as to why I signed up........are we going to have to start another football season learning what "en fuego" means??

tigernation said...

jesus christ, didn't know kingdom was on the rag....maybe you should realax...or get laid

take a fucking joke man, just didn't want you to pull another cock block..... and i think we are full aware of what "en fuego" means...whatever you meant by that comment i'll never usual.

As for "deflating my head"....its just fine where it is. Excuse me for laughing about another funny story that happened to me involving a hot lady.

From now on i'll only talk about football, politics, and bammer

ShakeYour$Maker said...

Speaking of politics Nation, Carl Montgomery told me that he was going to vote for Hillary or Obama.

tigernation said...

Good for him.

Actually, i have not been paying any attention to the election talk at all.

No way i would vote for those two but who do the reps. have to go against them.

Everybody i've seen from both sides seems like an idiot with an agenda.

But it doesn't surprise me about the DR, bammers always do crazy things.

shakes - you get my message last night? Should be a good song.

tigernation said...

Saban handling punishment internally

Posted by Birmingham News sports staff July 26, 2007 9:09 AM

Alabama coach Nick Saban said Thursday that he is handling the punishment for the three players arrested on July 14 internally. He did not make public the specifics.

"Internally, we have all those players doing things that we feel can change their behavior," (running steps and eating ice cream) Saban said this morning in his first comments about the incident.

"It'll be their responsibility to represent the University of Alabama in a first-class way. If that proves satisfactory internally, maybe it'll minimize punishment long-term." (maybe they'll sit out Western Louisianna state school for blind high school girls in game one)

Nearly two weeks ago, reserves Brandon Deaderick, Roy Upchurch and Brandon Fanney were arrested following a disturbance (fight with police ending witha broken cop window) in front of The Legacy bar on the Tuscaloosa Strip. Fanney and Upchurch were charged with disorderly conduct. Deaderick was charged with giving a fake name to the police, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. (fightin with FEMALE officer)

Asked if suspensions were in order, Saban said, "Did I say that?" (no because my word is the gospel and it rains down from above)

"It is what it is. When we have a player issue, it will not become public, how I handle it. But if they don't respond (to the punishment), we might have to question whether they should have the opportunity to represent the University (in game one). But they'll have the opportunity to prove it one way or another." (running and being yelled hooo)

Saban is a fucking pussy. "I need these boys for my team, so they can fight with female cops, bust out windows and whatever else, but we handle discpline internally so you won't hear how demanding and tough my discpline is."

Pffffffft please, no tougher than Shula. This is just the beginning of the fun boys. Saban is all talk and full of shit. And the bammers are buying it (for 4 mil a year to be exact). Anything to win boys, anything to win, cheat, lie, etc.....Sban is the best.

Frank Burns said...

Mike Vick is sick...