Monday, July 30, 2007

First Week in August

Back in the South. Things are much different here after several days in Boston. A few observations......

-Bahston, yeah, they really do talk like that and they think every one from Alabama talks like Forest Gump. "I was expecting more of a drawl." Some of us might be Southerners by the grace of God, however we are not all redneks.

-When I look at Nation, Diddy, $, & Dr. I see pure bread white boys. You have no idea what ethnicity there are up there. And there are tons of Chinamen & women. Cheety would be in Asian heaven.

-Logan Airport made famous by Blow & 9/ still seems loose. is good however I truly can't tell the difference from Campbells.

-Smoke wins again!!!........same car, same result. Dr. & $, I am chasing ya'll down!!

-Natalie Gulbis wins for the first time. Hottest woman golfer around finally shows that she can win. Next, she should shoot for Playboy and get her father a haircut.

Open Monday....anything is fair game.



King of Tigerland said...

Two Things........

River Trip the weekend of August 18.....somwhere in E. Alabama if the water is high enough...anyone interested??

Tix...I am going to the first two games, Ole Miss & Bama....anybody have extra tickets they need to get rid of....this guy!!(and he is willing to pay!!)

Much obliged......holla

King of Tigerland said...

No comments....hurts me deeply.

I know Nation is on the internet, Dr. is delivering ice cream, $ is closing business and daddy is ?????

King of Tigerland said...

Eltoro & Enrique did not qualify. I thought Eltoro was already on campus. Please say Slaughter will qualify.

tigernation said...

Eltorro's principal(bammer) at his high school originally signed off on a grade increase after the teacher approved it when Torro did extra credit. Principal(bammer) changed his mind and Eltorro had to come home. Headed to JUCO so he probably won't end up ever at AU.

Enrique just has to take one class so he can enroll in January after a semester at Hargrave.

Slaughter is still waiting on the Clearing House to say he can enroll.

King of Tigerland said...

How can he go back and change his mind like that??

Any good stuff on the message boards?

tigernation said...

He changed his mind because he was out of town and the teacher agreed to the change, called the bammer (principal) and he said he would sign off on it. So Eltorro headed to AU, principal returns and changes his mind, Eltorro has to come home.

It all started with the Mobile grade changing stuff, then the Hoover mess, so now this guy is afraid of some "grade change" getting in the paper and him getting fired. So he decides to ruin a kid's future.

But if you'll notice, with the Mobile rumors the kid's names were released immediately under speculation (AU signees). But when it involves bammer signees (Hoover) the names are protected. The state media and school administration is so corrupt and eaten up with all things bammer that the stupid redecks in that state can't even conduct daily business without it reverting back to AU vs bammer. Sad.

Its cool though, everything will be back to normal by week 3 or 4 when Saban loses a game or two and these 'necks come back down to earth. Hell, even Saban said people need to be realistic about his team. So i'm guessing 8-4 would be a good year

King of Tigerland said...

signed contracts....there is nothing better.....wilbur finally go the one he was waiting on!!