Monday, April 02, 2007

SEC vs. "Bad Person" = SEC Victory Every Time & "Just Like Football" Chant

The Florida Gators have repeated and did so against, what Jo Noah called, a bad person. In doing so became the first school to hold the football national championship and basketball national championship in the same year. The football Gators were 13 & Auburn while a 3 loss streak in February seemed to wake the b-ball Gators. Now, will Billy go to the Bluegrass?

Greg Oden is a superb player, but never really dominated a game. Billy Packer is a moron, who mentioned that he should be the Final Four Most Outstanding Player. No, Billy, he is mearly the reason that Ohio State did not get beat by 30. He also looks like a tree from Lord of the Rings.

Braves ring in the new season with extra inning homer to take a win against the Phils.

And we have decided that Carrie is the new face of the Daily Football Fix. Any objections??

Nation, excellent post. Extremely gratefuly for your contributions. Hope you are feeling better. $ & Daddy, lake on Friday? Holla at a playa!!

Out, Wilbur Churchill


King of Tigerland said...

A few other things...

What the f*&$ is up with those LaQuinta Inn commercials??

Taking a page from the Dr., I have decided that I like them brunette, chubby & country. Carrie=2 out of 3 aint bad! No more blondes, ever, other than the school teacher from Florida who is coming up in a few weeks.

Anyone who has not seen 300, go do it now, it is Gladiator on steriods and awesome.

"This is Spaaaaaaaaaaaaarta!!!"

King of Tigerland said...

"Hello, is there anybody out there??"

All my half awake effort wasted.....

King of Tigerland said...

.....and NASCAR is off limits til Smoke wins.......

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright Wilbur, apparently something has gone totally wrong. I tried to make my virgin post on the new blog system, and apparently I didn't set things up right. I tried to make it where my posting name was Carl Montgomery and my blog name still being Dr. Feelgood. Some how I fucked it up, and I cannot post. Email me again and I will be back. I am about one week away from being internet access again at work. Help me brother churchill I miss blogging.

So here is my post.

Keep in mind I cannot add pics or videos for support, and also keep in mind that some of these thoughts are straight out of memphis/marion ark. sports talk thoughts.

The Arkansas coaching job - A few months back I listened to total bashing of the Alabama football coaching search. No reason to fire Shula, and nobody in their right mind would want the job. After weeks of listening to this, we all know the outcome.

Now Arky fires there basketball coach. Its a top 5 basketball job in the nation? this is one of the greatest jobs a basketball coach could want? Screw Stan Heath who is 2 consecutive years tourney bound? After a settling hire after chasing the likes of Bill Self, Billy Gillispie, and John Calipari, Creightons own Dana Altman has renigged on taking the stellar job. Karma's a bitch.

Tennessee takes another ladies title, proving once again that womens basketball is a joke. 13 of the last 20 championships won by 3 teams.

Played trivia last night at flying saucer. Our team disbanded after (as many of you know) my roommate was 100% percent on a few questions in a row, and turned out 100% wrong. I then joined some friends team, who take it entirely too serious. Being the only one who knew the final answer at the table, Carl Montgomery, who spectacularly reponded with Jack Rabbit Slims. I have been invited to there trivia team on Tuesdays. Their current winnings are $450, and when they hit $500, its an open bar party, and Carl is invited.

One week away (tentaviely) from back to the old blogger. I feel left out.

I am also highly dissapointed that none of you other than myself joined the fantasy baseball league. Me vs. Wilbur every week will be no fun. Shakes you commanded the lead with Fags 1 and 2 in Martinsville, but since you never change your drivers. Fromunda Cheese will reign again very soon.

Thunder storming like a bitch here. Supposed to be nasty. You all are invited to MinM. So far Daddy and the wife are the only defs. You have a spot to stay. Doubt I will be around much this week. Enjoy. Shakes Daddy call me if you are heading home this weekend. Was planning on being home Friday, but may end up being Saturday. Call me.

Peace DFF brotherhood, enjoy the week.

Question to leave off with. What will Donovans contract be worth next year, Kentucky or Florida??

King of Tigerland said...

I will see what I can do.

Donovan.....o/u of $2.5

The King just landed a 25,000 sf sublease to market in ATL...Mooga's company, Bluelinx, logistics of Georgia is time!!

tigernation said...

daddy & shakes!!!

Eat your effing hearts out boys! Chuck and I are going to see the good old Robinson brothers tonight at the VAriety Playhouse in ATL.

Brothers of a Feather is what its called and i am so pumped. I've been keeping this info a secret as to not send daddy into a suicidal fit over my coolness but i can't hold in anymore. Gonna be a rockin show, at least for an acoustic show.

Its General Admission so we are gonna try to get there early and get a good spot.

i'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

ShakeYour$Maker said...

Sounds fun Nation! I am so "Jealous Again" I wish I could`ve "Gone". I might have to "Remedy" my "High Head Blues" by eating some "Blackberry" cobbler. It is "Twice as Hard" not to go to this concert. I feel like there is a "Thorn in my Pride" so I guess I will just have to "Talk to Angels." Ha ha..thought you would like that Nation.

DFF Fantasy Nascar Losers--- Don`t get mad at me for picking JJ. everyone knows he is the best, and will repeat as champion. Why should I change my drivers when most of the time 3 out of 5 are in the top 10. Bunch of asses. Keep praying Tony and Jr. will finally do something big.

By the way, my dad got held up in a bank robbery today. Two black men rushed into a bank with guns demanding everyone get the F--- on the floor. Dad was standing at the counter finishing a transaction when they entered. One of the robbers jumped onto the counter right beside dad and told him to get down on the floor. Being the genius he is, instead of lying down...he took off to a door inside the bank, which led into a break room, then he found a door that went outside, and he ran and ran thinking they were after him. Behind the bank, there is a huge hill with a lot of bursh. Dad sprinted through the brush falling constantly because of his dress shoes. Anyway, he made it to safety...he is a little shaken up still from the scare..but he is fine.

ShakeYour$Maker said...

Donovan may end up at Bama if they fire "Dumbass Godfried!" We all know Bama will pay whatever it takes to get W`s. If he goes to Bama he will make 4 Million/yer. Anywhere else between 2 and 3 million.

tigernation said...

Ha ha laughing at Shawn running from the bank.

Well the show was awesome as you would imagine. We were about 5 rows back right in the center. They came out with Cursed Diamond with Rich on a 12 string. He broke 2 strings during the song and after it was over, Chris made some funny jokes at his brothers' expense.

Nice setting, really relaxed and they talked to the crowd and interacted a pretty good bit.

Sven came out and sang on 3 songs, playing guitar on one. As they were coming back on stage for the encore, chris stepped out from behind the curtain and blew a huge puff of bowl smoke out at the crowd....sweet

Saw their father there and also ran into my first two room mates from Shorter college. Haven't seen them in like 8 years so that was pretty crazy.

Awesome show and i'll try to get a set list for you daddy and shakes. I can't remember them all right now.