Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Bloody Tuesday

As my life spirals towards absolute insanity, I pause to reflect on the recent craziness. If you don't want to see how insane my life currently is, then I do suggest coming back another day.

-There is not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

-Working at the pub is an adventure, there is no telling what is going to happen on a particular night. I would love to reach over the bar and grab certain people.

-I average 4.5 hours of sleep a night...I sleep on Sundays.

-I hate conference calls as they are a waste of time...I have one in 15 minutes...again.

-Women rarely grow out of their craziness, as some say they do at the age of 23, why can't they all be like Cobb? ie: redhead from Bama....maybe it is bc she went to Bama?

-Why do I return phone calls I know I shouldn't? I should just listen to her voicemail and let it die...but I don't.

-Bravos start out 5-1 as they take on Washington today. Mooga's man crush is Frenchie, I prefer McCann.

-Saban hates the media and they hate him back...this won't have much affect on Saturday afternoons unfortunately.

-Eventually, the Dr. and Wil
bur will be the only Uncles left. We have no plans....at all. I will be 30 before I even think of marriage.

-When will Smoke win???????

-My roomie needs to get back from Europe to take care of the damn cat, at least she is bringing Absinthe! Make sure it has the wormwood.

-I want to go on a float/rafting trip to get out of ATL.

-Auburn is gonna paste Alabama this year....again!

-Addy only goes so far.

-Some people should never get married, especially if she hates ATL, loves strip clubs and several other reasons...there is an over/under of 3 years in place with a steak dinner on the line.

-Does the GA RE Course have to take so damn long????

-Do leasing agents really have to take so damn long returning calls, do they not want to move their vacant square footage?

-Why do I find myself speaking with an Irish brogue? Maybe the pub.

-Why am I such a big, hairy, American winning machine?

-I have acquired a taste for fish and Guiness, maybe I am getting older.

Gentlemen, as Nation may say, "I have no idea what he is talking about." and I say that about myself lately.
By the way, Nation, lake time sometime in May? Allow me to drop a few lbs and get in better shape, our building has a decent workout room and we are working it.

For the sake of posting something since this is what is on my mind lately,

Wilburt the Churchill


ShakeYour$Maker said...

I didn`t understand anything on that post except the line...."Auburn will paste Alabama again this year!"...so I will respond to that.

I 100% agree that Auburn will wax Bama on the Plains to bring the streak to 6. Bama will be improved, but it will take a couple of years to get over the "Shula Years!" (Look, I am already giving Bama fans an excuse to use after another mediocre season!)

tigernation said...

I guess i'll have to agree with Shakes and King. But i don't see a "pasting". Tubs won't run it up on anybody, partly to prevent the same from happening to him in later meetings. (If there was ever a time to run it up on bammer it would have been during sack-a-thon '05).