Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekly Wrapup

Braves win a few. Franceourereur tells fans not to worry. Ok, fair enough, then quit swinging at everything! They give up 5 runs in the 9th and live to tell about it. Unreal.

Co-ed kickball season starts this weekend. Why not? Sounds more fun than getting new brakes and a haircut. The Explorer needs to give me just 5 more months and then it can get a break.

Found a new BBQ place, Pig & Chik, its where Governor Purdue likes to go as well.

Did some lines come out already? I heard at the bar last night that Tech was plus 7.5 against Notre Dame. Who was the last team to open the season minus 7.5 to Tech? Yeah, Auburn.

DVR'd the Auburn losses from last year(only ones playing so far). Made it through the 2nd quarter of Tech game before I got mad and turned off the TV. That game was winnable in the 2nd quarter but they kept throwing the damn ball and giving the ball to Shoulder Shake Trey. The Auburn D shut down LSU til the end of the game and Auburn was moving the ball the whole game long. Irons is incredible. Recievers dropped double digit passes starting the first drive. Unreal. Wisco is this weekend. I don't know if I will make it out of the first quarter...

Dr., Bama update?

Have a good weekend and rock Russell's face off! Later on!!


Daddy said...

Blogging a little scarce these days.

I got two more interviews set up, one in Bham and one in Pensacola FL...but would be working in Mobile.

There is a Last Waltz tribute band playing tonight at B-street.

I hope you guys are playing "Afternoon Delight" the anchorman way, and recording it at the reception.

shakeyour$maker said...

When do you go on the interviews? Excited?

No doubt on the Afternoon D-Light!

Daddy said...

Next week. Yeah I am kinda excited, more ready to get them over with though.

Find a way to record it if yall can.

King of Tigerland said...

The lack of blogging hurts really bad. Do they not have the internet in Key mf West?

I got killed this week at work. 4 appointments next week and one so far the next so it could be huge. 3 out of 4 aint bad. One of the guys I have a meeting with played ball on the 44 Auburn team, Reid Trapani. He prints brochures and the such for the athletic department.