Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2006 Daily Football Fix Super 16 1st Edition

And from the starting gate..............

16) Virginia Tech
15) Georgia
14) Michigan
13) Clemson
12) Lousiville
11) Notre Dame
10) Miami
9) Florida State
8) Auburn
7) Oklahoma
6) USC
5) West Virginia
4) Florida
3) Texas
2) Ohio State
1) LSU

42 days........

Ladies, I am sure some disagree so let us know why.


Daddy said...

Thank you for not putting ND in the top five. Not a bad list, it is hard to say how the SEC will pan out, but that is a very possible scenario. I think Auburn has the potential to be better than Florida and LSU, it just depends on how we use what we have. I think Ohio State is gonna be the most talked about team around the nation for a championship run. Notre Dame can suck it.

tigernation said...

16) UGAG
15) Clemson
14) Michigan
13) Va Tech
12) FLorida State
11) Louisville
10) Miami
9) Notre Dame
8) Florida
7) WVU
6) USC
5) Oklahoma
4) Auburn
3) Texas
2) LSU
1) Ohio State

Notre Dame can really suck it. I'm oulling hard for Tech in game one in ATL.

tigernation said...


King of Tigerland said...

As am I, Nation, as am I

King of Tigerland said...

although I will be in South Bend the next week for Penn State

tigernation said...

Allright damnit!!! Lets get it going today. I'm gonaa be bored as hell and I need some good blogging.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--Bo Tucker Reunion may have to get back in the mix for a pay day like that. I would be game.

Dr.-- Sorry for not calling back. Things have been off the change lately for me, and I have been so busy I haven`t even had time to post on here. I will call you today when I get time.

Kingdom-- My fax is 334-466-8825, but if it is a huge fax with a lot of pages, I may have to tell you to hold off, and I will pick it up from you at a later date.

Daddy-- Any word on a possible bowling night? I think next week would be better for me...Monday night, Tuesday??

As for the Top 16 Poll Nation--
1) OSU
2) WV
3) Texas
4) Auburn
6) LSU
8) Louisville
11) Va Tech
12) Michigan

tigernation said...

Good to see you are alive shakes.

Doing ok on the shrubbery?

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--For now. I will be in touch if I trim the shrubbery too much.

Can`t wait to see what "ass bag" Shula has to say about his team of losers at SEC media days.

I honestly think that they are gonna get beat the 1st game of the season by the Rainbow Warriors. Losing all those guys on D is going to hurt a lot more than most people think. Playing a fun and gun offensive team will be a huge load for the unexperienced Tide D.

Tell me more about the BTB reunion gig.....

tigernation said...

I have a transcript of Shula's first interview......

Here goes:

Media: "Coach SHula, how do you see your offense doing with the loss of Brokie?"

Shula: "Uh, Uh, Uh, F#*&ing great..."

Media: "Coach, are you concerned about the loss of 9 starters form a defense that basically won most of your games for you last year?"

Shula: "Um, uhhhhhh, ummmmmm, F*#@ no I'm not concerned. Hold on I just, um, uh, um fell out of my chair. Effin F@#$, Sh^*, we're gonna be f@#%ing awesome this year."

Media: "Are you concerned that if you lose to Auburn again you might be put on the hot seat?"

Shula: "Ummmmm naw, uhhhh nope, f^@# maybe, sh!& i don't know. I guess the f#@%ing seat might get a little warm, F&^#ing Bear Bryant coached her......FU#@!"

tigernation said...

Shakes, All I know about the BTB reunion is what I posted the other day.

Meyn International is Jay's dad's company. I think he is the CEO or Vice Pres. One or the other.

Basically he told me they would pay whatever we want, and he was not shy about telling me that they are willing to pay tons......he gave chucka dn I quite a bit just for his birthday party.....which kind of pissed me off since we didn't get paid for the wedding and y'all had to drive to do it...but anyway.

I think it would be worth it and I am almost positive we could get around 3000 if not more......he actually mentioned 5000, and he was sober.