Monday, July 10, 2006

Head Butt Cup

World Cup Wrapup

I am a fan. Cool. Not bad. I enjoyed it. I lost much interest when Germany lost but it was still entertaining. Frenchmen headbutting and Iti's crying over every bump. Not bad for every four years. Amazing ball handling skill and angles used to attack. The Final reminded me of a 12 year old Georgia State Title game Nation aka "Georgia All Sports State Champ" dominated a few years ago.


Jeff Gordon wins Chicagoland. I hate Dupont. Jr. shows well.


They win a series and are hot again. John Thompson goes out, maybe for good.


Composite rankings are posted on Tigerland for all majore preseason mags. Auburn is 6th, Georgia 15th and Bama unranked.

Take it away!!!!!!!!!



tigernation said...

You could say "GA state Champ for Life" and be fine. I mean four state titles is pretty good. Even if one is in 14 year old soccer.

I'm pretty sure my picture is up in the GA sports Hall of Fame. Probably a team shot, but still in there.

Daddy - closed the party with "Afternoon Delight". Was met with laughter and applause. Lots of fun.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright ladies I am sure I was thoroughly missed last week.

Hope all was well anything interesting happen to anyone??

shakeyour$maker said...

Do I hear bowling pins falling tonight...or sometime this week, Daddy?

I can go tonight or tomorrow before I head back out of town.

Nation-- I had a great time in G-ville. I got a little more drunk than I needed to, but had an awesome time catching up with yall.

Kingdom- Sorry we didn`t stop. Bullshit ATL traffic put us in the car for an extra hour and a half. Hope that leg gets better. Crutches rule.

Daddy said...

I hope yall got a recording of it.

I hear pins falling tomorrow night. I have to leave at around 4 or 5 in the morning tomorrow to go to Pensacola for an interview, so I need tonight to prepare for that and get lots of sleep. Be ready though, because the tables will turn tomorrow night and Lebowski will regain the lead.

How was the trip?

tigernation said...

Shakes - we ended up flagging down a MExican Taxi out in front of the BEst Western on Saturday.

The guy didn't speak any English so Donny starts yelling every Spanish sentence he knows at the guy.

I think his favorite one, teranslated to English wen something like this......."All employees must wash hands before returning to work!!!!"

And he said that the whole way home. So funny

shakeyour$maker said...

What a Night!!! I spent the whole next morning throwing up jager and crown shots. It wasn`t pretty...but the hangover didn`t last long at all.

As soon as yall left...I passed out on top of the covers in the bed. Fun Times!

Dr.-- Did you meet any guys on your trip to Key West? How was Duval st?

Daddy said...

Well, I hope it is just a rumor, but I heard that the New York Times is releasing an article about Auburn some time this week. The article is supposed to be about Chette Williams involving some of Auburn's faculty. I am not sure the details, but supposedly allegations are being made about paying players and an excess of independent studies and other academic infractions. And what makes it even worse is that the journalist is supposed to be an Auburn Grad. I was told that the article is for sure being released, and it may be tomorrow. I hope to God that this is a rumor.

tigernation said...

It's bullshit daddy. There is a NYT reporter who is an AU grad and has an axe to grind with Lowder. She wrote the article about a year ago saying that Chette was the "bag man" for the football team. And other ridiculous allegations.

There was an NCAA investigator talking to some AU players about recruiting violations by other schools. and the NYT reporter MIGHT be writing an article about independent study and shit like that.

Mark Murphy, editor of Inside the AU tigers, says that the SEC office has no complaints or any reason to investigate any wrong doing by AU. This is as of this morning on his website.

The rumor all started with Warren St. John. A Bammer and Author of Rammer Jammer....the book about the RV crew that follows bama. He posted a bunch of crap on Tiderinsider and the ball started rolling from there.

It could be true I guess, but from everything I have heard it is just rumors for now.

No worries. Just hope the season gets here sonn.

tigernation said...

Oh yeah, and the author is a Black woman. She is a racist and hates Bobby Lowder.....from a former co-worker of hers at the Plainsman.

tigernation said...

Here is an article about the situation from was wrong about the black lady

"The news is out and spreading. The New York Times, it seems, is planning to publish or is at least considering, some sort of story about academics involving Auburn athletes.
I don’t know what, if anything, the story will allege and I will not speculate. It is apparently not being written by Selena Roberts, an Auburn graduate who wrote a controversial story on Auburn chaplain Chette Williams and his ministry last year, but by Pete Thamel. At least it is Thamel who has been on campus asking questions. It was Thamel who helped write the story exposing “diploma mills” that the NCAA eventually sought to shut down.

After making numerous phone calls Sunday, I discerned irritation but no real alarm in the Auburn athletic department.

The bottom line is this: If Auburn is doing nothing wrong--and I am convinced that is the case--it has nothing to fear. Head coach Tommy Tuberville’s commitment to academics is very real. Anyone who believes otherwise just needs to talk to a player who has missed a single class.

Here’s what senior defensive end Chris Browder told me for a story I wrote last spring:

“When you know you have to see Coach Yox early in the morning for missing class, you are going to go to class. If your grades are good or bad, if you miss anything you get a punishment workout. There are no exceptions.”

And here’s what Tuberville said:

“I wasn’t a very good college player, but I played because I felt like I needed to know what college players went through. College football is two full-time jobs. Academics is a full-time job and football is a full-time job. They are doing two full-time jobs for probably the only time in their lives. If they can handle that, they are going to be better people for it.

“What we try to do is create work ethic and try to get them to organize their time. Those that can handle both and are successful at both of them are going to be successful men. They are going to be good family men and good at whatever job they attempt.”

I don’t believe those words are bogus. I don’t believe Auburn’s gaudy APR was bogus. Does that mean there couldn’t be something amiss? No, it doesn’t. But if there is something illegal or unethical going on, I certainly have not seen it or even sensed it.

Having said all that, I believe it would be a mistake to assume what, if anything, might show up in The New York Times.

On to more light-hearted matters...

It is less than a month now before the start of two-a-days. It is just more than two weeks before head coaches and two players from each team gather in Birmingham for Southeastern Conference Media Days.

It is less than two months before Auburn kicks off its season against Washington State.

A word of caution: Preseason rankings mean the same thing as recruiting rankings. Very little. The only thing that matters is what happens on the field when the bell rings.

Auburn will certainly be picked either first and LSU second in the West or LSU will be picked first and Auburn second. I’ll stick by pick of Auburn for the simple reason that LSU must visit Jordan-Hare Stadium. The winner of that game has gone on to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game in five of the past six seasons. Each time, the winning team was the one that played at home...

I couldn’t help but notice Alabama running back Ken Darby’s comments the other day. When talking about the coming season, he stressed his burning desire to beat Auburn over all else.

As several Auburn senior classes learned in the 1960s and 1970s, it is very difficult for players, especially those who grew up in this state or plan to live in this state, to play out their careers at either school and never win the Iron Bowl. Alabama’s senior class suffered that indignity last season as Auburn won its fourth straight.

Regardless of the records, it goes without saying that Alabama will be on a mission when Auburn visits Bryant-Denny Stadium in November.

And Darby is a guy who could have a lot to say about the outcome...

Former Auburn defensive end Bret Eddins has gone into the real estate business with his father, former Auburn All-SEC defensive end Liston Eddins, in Montgomery.

The last of the Eddins boys, Bart, is on campus working toward his freshman season as a defensive lineman....

Until next time..."

Daddy said...

Yeah, I was just updated to that. They are saying what happened is....The New York Times owns Tuscaloosa's newspaper (WTF), and got that information from the Tide rumor mill. Supposedly now the NYT has been told about the rumors, but evidently are still going to print it. If they do print the story and they know that it may be a rumor, I wont be surprised, this is what the NYT and all liberals are known for. Anything for a story and a little dough.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Its all a conspiracy, the New York Times is going to print libel against Auburn. Those New Yorkers have a grudge to pick with you Barners.

Ny Times Co. owns the following papers:
The Boston Globe
The Courier (Houma, LA)
The Daily Comet (Thibodaux, LA)
The Dispatch (Lexington, NC)
The Gadsden Times (AL)
The Gainesville Sun (FL)
International Herald Tribune
The Ledger (Lakeland, FL)
The New York Times
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA)
Petaluma Argus-Courier (CA)
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)
Spartanburg Herald-Journal (SC)
Star-Banner (Ocala, FL)
TimesDaily (Florence, AL)
Times-News (Hendersonville, NC)
The Tuscaloosa News (AL)
The Star News (Wilmington, NC)
The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Dr.Feelgood said...

Trip was good, a week was a long time in Key West. I was burnt out by thurs or fri.

Duval street was fun, the only problem I had was how touristy the entire island was.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here is another good blog to read. Just found it the other day

Dr.Feelgood said...

You all suck balls today.

Tired of solo blogging

tigernation said...

Montae Pitts Arrested

Auburn, Ala.--Auburn backup cornerback Montae Pitts has been arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated.
A fifth-year senior from Loachapoka who 22 years old, according to a report from the city of Tuskegee police department, Pitts was arrested and charged with DUI in Tuskegee at 2:45 a.m. on June 24th.

Coach Tommy Tuberville was traveling on Wednesday and not available for comment.

Pitts, a 6-1, 195-pounder, played in all 12 games as a junior and started once. He finished spring training this year as a backup cornerback.

He had 43 tackles as a junior and 46 as a sophomore when he was a full-time starter. Pitts made 12 tackles in 2003 and redshirted in 2002 after a standout career at Loachapoka High.

King of Tigerland said...

Apologies for the lack of postings lately. I have not had internet hooked up at my new place yet. I got DirecTV but I am thinking I will switch back to Comcast.

Dr., update from T-Town?

Anyone going to Bo's wedding in two weeks in Columbus?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Up to 12 commits is all I know Kingdom. Haven't really been paying attention, and now the work computer is in the shop.

Prothro won the ESPY for Best PLay for the catch.

Thats all I got

Daddy said...

Well, looks like there is a chance daddy might be going to Pensacola. I have never been to Pensacola, besides driving through going to other places, but it is a pretty cool town.

tigernation said...

My cousin lives there Daddy.

He played Baseball at Pensacola CC for 2 years and just finished his 4th year at some other small college down there.

he loves that area. But he said it gets pretty damn hot too. Prolly not any worse than Auburn though.

Good luck

tigernation said...

Press release from AU regarding the rumors of NCAA investigation and NYT story. Apparently someone called the "anonymous" complaint line about students doing little to no work for an indempendent study course. I thought that was the whole point of those classes. Some say it is a big deal while others yawn at the story. I bet Tubs stops bragging on the APR #'s.

Auburn University
Office of Communications and Marketing

Briefing Note: July 13, 2006

Summary: This Briefing Note addresses a complaint made through the Ethicspoint system and currently under investigation by the Office of the Provost. In the interest of keeping the AU community informed, Dr. Richardson requested this statement from he and the Provost be shared with you.

Background and Statement from Dr. John Heilman, Provost:

Academic integrity is at the foundation of every university. At Auburn, we expect concerns related to academics to be reported through deans and department heads, but we also maintain an anonymous on-line system called Ethicspoint. In May, a complaint was made through the Ethicspoint system alleging that a single professor gave grades to student athletes for courses that required little or no work.

The Office of the Provost takes any concern related to academic processes at the University seriously. As a result, on June 5, I appointed a committee to investigate the anonymous claim. The work of the committee is not complete given the number of personal interviews that must be conducted.

The Committee will issue a report upon the completion of its work, and that report will be made public. Until that time, our office will have no comment on the investigation. I can assure you as Provost that academic misconduct will not be tolerated at Auburn University.

From the President:

Over the past two years, Auburn has shown a willingness to address serious issues in a very open and direct manner. The Provost has made me aware of a complaint and related investigation concerning grades assigned to student athletes.

I am confident that the Provost will perform a thorough investigation, and upon completion of that work we will make the results of that investigation public. I also want to make clear that in the event that any academic misconduct is confirmed, we will take appropriate action to insure that Auburn University’s strong academic reputation is not damaged. Auburn has been, and is, fortunate to have many dedicated instructors who, like us, will not tolerate academic misconduct.

I want to assure everyone associated with Auburn that upon completion of the investigation we will deal with this issue as we have dealt with other challenges – directly and openly.

King of Tigerland said...

I would love to meet the dork who reported that. Unreal.

Matt Wilbank sure took organic gardening and vegetable production. Sports in America was good to.

Daddy said...

Yeah, it felt real f-ing hot there when I interviewed.

I dont see what the big deal is anyway with the Auburn football thing. I am sure that Auburn is no worse than anywhere else.

King of Tigerland said...

no state income tax in tennessee, nevada, texas or florida, daddy.

Daddy said...

Yeah, thats why construction is booming in those states. Every major construction and engineering firm has at least one office in those states. I believe that North Carolina has no state income tax as well, I might be wrong though.

King of Tigerland said...

Whats up w/ the NYT? Can anything actually happen to AU for this? It seems like a school, not football, thing.

I dunno.

Daddy said...

I was talking about that subject at work. And several years ago a Black female was fired from the plainsman for supposedly writing something about bobby lowder. Well it seems like no coincidence that the supposed journalist at the NYT is a young black auburn grad.

Daddy said...

The only thing I think that could hurt us is if SACs gets wind and decides to have an investigation.

tigernation said...

No, the journalist was a male. The girl just gave him some ammo. As did Warren St. John, huge bammer and writer for the NYT. Can't beat them on the field, then I guess we'll just slander them in the media.

It's all because some liberal, jock-hating, pussy, faggot professor didn't like how one of his fellow teachers was in the good graces of the high-ups in the academics dept at AU. He feels like he is soooo important because he teaches young minds and they should be held to a high standard and should feel priveledged to learn what he teaches.

Sociology is a fucking joke. Everybody knows this, this guy just has an axe to grind with the athletic dept and found a good way to do it.

In the article put out by the AJC on the subject, the teacher says how he doesn't like sports and feels like the players get "fake" degrees.

18 players out of 87, taking a total of 97 hours comes out to around 5 total hours for the 18 players mentioned. That is 4% of the total # of hours it takes to get a degree. 4 fucking %. How is that a "fake" degree.

college professors are the scum of the earth. Never had a real job, think they are smarter than the average bear, when they are actually closed minded social outcasts.

This story will be forgotten by fall practice.

tigernation said...

From Mark Murphy, editor of Inside the Auburn Tigers, just posted this on

Friday Tiger Football Tidbits:
With the New York Times article in the news today, here is some more information about the case.

*Multiple Auburn officials have told us that the lead reporter for the New York Times misrepresented himself when he came to Auburn for interviews. For example, in his initial contact with the athletic department, he said he was going to be on campus to do an article about academic facilities at AU.

*If you read Phillip Marshall’s article in the Huntsville Times today, Doug Langenfeld adds the rest of the story. Langenfeld says he made it perfectly clear to the reporter that he not only did all of the work for his class that he enrolled in late that was mentioned in the Times article, he put in a significant amount of time and effort doing the classwork. However, the article doesn’t reflect the points Langenfeld was trying to make in the interview and he is very unhappy about that.

*We were told that Carnell Williams was give a false premise for his interview with the Times. He was told that the article was going to be about his successful transition from college star to NFL rookie and Auburn’s academic success. We were told that Carnell made it clear to reporter that he did not receive any preferential treatment academically and since he was the team’s star if he didn’t receive preferential treatment nobody did.

*From what we know, the university’s investigation into this matter, which has been going on for more than a month, has not found any wrongdoing by the athletic department.

*For a little more background on the story, I have been asking people around campus about professor Thomas Petee in sociology who was mentioned in the article. I don’t know the professor, but have talked to a variety of people who know him and have had classes from him. I have yet to talk to one who said he wasn’t a hard working professor and I haven’t talked to one who said that athletes were treated differently than other students.

*Asking university officials specifically about any NCAA violation issues that board members have asked me about, I was told Auburn looks fine on that front.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I reported it

tigernation said...

I knew it!!!!!!......GD you feelbad!!!!!

Seriously, i found a pic of the guy who did report it.........gross. If anybody wants to see it, or a link to his personal website.....WITH email (shakes you know you want it)...I can post a link or email the pic!!

Daddy said...

You started the bustas yet?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Post it.

Yep gone about 72 hrs with no carbs, other than a couple of drinkys

Daddy said...

I started back on it as well. I am not on it hardcore, but I have to do something, so I dont have to buy any new clothes.

Dr.Feelgood said...

When I busted a pants button the other day, drastic measures were in store.

Its amazing how much better you feel if you eat somewhat healthy

tigernation said...

Dude, I dropped about 12 pounds in a month, you will love it. I ran about 3 days a week and that helped too.

Then I had a couple of big weekends in a row, lots of beer and fried food so I put back on 4 pounds. Went back on it and I'm back down to 186. Need to drop about 6 or 8 more and then just maintain.

Im going to get the links to the website so check the email in about 10 minutes. The pic will be there too.

tigernation said...

Check the email

Daddy said...

He looks like a retarded santa clause.

Dr.Feelgood said...

That dude looks like a loon

yeah I have been playing tennis to get some exercise

King of Tigerland said...

yall have any good web links for bustas?

King of Tigerland said...

King made his first deal this week w/ a guy who played on Auburn's 44 team. UPS, please subtract 70k from your yearly revenue, as it is now shipped w/ DHL.

tigernation said...

Ok, so Pete Thamel, writer of the NYT story was just on Finescum.

He said he got an anonymous tip in a hand written letter, in pencil, out of Montgomery. The letter told him to call professor G or whatever, and ask him about the class.

I didn't hear the interview but from what I read he was lying and squirming the whole time.

My question would have been.....what do Eric Ramsey, Pat Dye, Brent Fullwood and University high have to do with anything? That is ancient history.

Oh well, that is all.

Daddy said...

Found out that the independent study in question involved over 200 students and only 8 or so were football players. So, the football team has as much of a chance of getting in trouble as the sociology department has in calling plays for the football team on saturdays.