Monday, July 17, 2006

How the World Turns

Interesting weekend. It seems Bama has gotten creative again with Photoshop. I never claimed that Carnell was in the Honors College. We all knew that on draft day when he said Ronnie "won the war but not the battle". Clever email by the way. Find something better, though. This is unreal ridiculous. Wouldn't it be more interesting why both Ronnie and Carnell committed to UTK and then changed their mind to go to the Plains?

Kyle Busch takes Loudon. Tony drops from Top 10 after an early crash? Dr., who are your favorite drivers anyway?

Can the Braves make a comeback?

Bill Curry takes a job at Baylor in Chattanooga teaching leadership. After Auburn whipping him 3 times in a row and numerous underachieving stops, does he really know anything about leadership?? Tiffany begs to differ and we will let her.

Ladies, it is almost that time. Football season is almost upon us. Is anyone else ready for football(and fall weather)?


tigernation said...

Funny thing about that little said it was form the Math dept.

Well, I guess bammers are a little slow on reading comprehension. THe class he took was a Sociology Statistics class. Not a math class, but why would the bammers let the facts get in the way of a good joke, or argument for that matter. It was a funny pic though.

So I talked to Shakes and he is plannning on joining in the hate email game to Dr. Gundlach. I would love to get a copy of the email he sends, I wonder if he can do it with out dropping "F" bombs and GD's. I bet it will be really funny.

Daddy said...

Shakes will no doubt throw the f-bombs like grenades.

tigernation said...

Some student responses to Dr. Gundlach's classes. This is from

02/10/06 i was very interested in sociology until i had his class. he is terrible, someone needs to report him to the school he needs to be fired. i can't put into words how awful he is. rude, disrespectful, INSANE, disgusting, makes NO sense, tests are impossible bc questions don't make sense & he can't spell or write a complete sentence. DO NOT TAKE HIM!

12/13/05 This man is NUTS!!!! He is a major a$$ when you ask him questions and is very difficult to understand. If you signed up for his class I suggest you drop as soon as possible because it is not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/08/05 This man is NUTS! He has got to be the worst teacher I have ever had. I can't believe he hasn't been fired yet. I feel sooo sorry for anyone who has signed up for this class, and if you can GET OUT! He is very difficuly to understand, and can't finish a sentence.

12/10/05 This man can not complete sentences which makes it hard to follow his lectures. His tests are extremely hard. He gives you NO advice as to what will be on tests. Very rude and unfair. Never take his class... it's ridiculous!!!

08/04/05 Not a good public speaker. this would be a very interesting class had he delivered his thoughts better. likes to throw around the "N word", very liberal. his tests are non-sensical and i failed all of them but made a B on the final so i got a B in the class. its not so bad, do not take it in the morning and get lots of sleep before you go.

03/06/05 Sometimes I wonder if he smoked too much dope when he was younger. He has a difficult time completing his thoughts -- lost brain cells no doubt.


Sounds like a real POS if you ask me.

Daddy said...

My boss at work knows him, and says he is a major piece of work. He has wasted much of the universities money on useless research.

Daddy said...

Is it ok these days to wear a light colored suit to an interview?

King of Tigerland said...

yes, it is. tan or grey?

Daddy said...

Everyone have a nice day, I am off to bham for an interview.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Good Luck

Kingdom and Shakes what happened to fantasy Nascar???

Sorry for the lack of blog action from me lately, the computer has been in the shop at the office. Should be kicking it tomorrow though

tigernation said...

A little outside knowledge from an Arky fan regarding the rumors being spread by bammers on the message boards. Yes Dr., the boys on TI and BOL are running wild with all kinds of BS theories....thought you guys would get a kick out of what this Arky had to say to this Bama fan.....enjoy:

"Give it up man. I know it sucks to play second fiddle to Auburn every year, but you don't have to stoop to this level do you? If and when the NCAA determines AU did something wrong, I'm sure they'll take their punishment like men and move on. I seriously doubt that they'll further embarrass themselves by denying it and crying about who turned them in years later ('it was fulmer'). I bet the bear is rolling over in his grave when he sees the penis envy you bammers have for Auburn and Tennessee!"

hogs_don't_cry, in response to a bama fan spreading more rumors.

Ha!! He said "penis envy". Haven't heard that one in a while.

King of Tigerland said...

it should still be there....I havent checked in a while though

shakeyour$maker said...

By the way...What the hell are the Bammers even talking about...."Insider info" they keep referring too. I`m sure it is all bullshit....I would just like to know who and what they are talking about.

That Arky guy is one smart and funny man. He does hit the nail on the head with everything he said. I don`t recall pointing fingers at anyone (other than Eric Ramsey) when Auburn was put on probation in `93 and `94.

If anyone has it out for Auburn in this would more than likely be BAMA (4 Years and running) and UGA (2 in a row) since we have owned both schools for a few years now. Jealousy sets in after years of abuse. I sure would like to see what violations they say Auburn has committed. I seriously find it very hard to believe that Auburn has done anything wrong...especially with the extra steps the Athletic program has gone to in dropping Tigerettes/ Tiger Hosts as recruiters, to make sure no rules are broken. Auburn has turned things around the right way....and as much as I hate Tubbs...he does have the ship sailing in the right direction on the field, and off the field for the majority of the team excluding K. Sears, T. Blackmon, and dumbass Rapper Montae Pitts. I won`t believe any of this is true until I see it first hand. And as always....FUCK BAMA!

DId yall see where these bastards in T`town are copying the Tiger walk...calling it the walk of champions. These turds have nothing original on their campus except "Chicken on a Stick." They even changed the side of the stadium that their locker room is on because they were so jealous of the huge number of Auburn fans congregating behind the North End zone on Iron Bowl Saturdays. I doubt many folks turn out for this new "Walk" if it is done 2 hours before kickoff. Remember...Bama fans don`t get to the game until right before kickoff. Nobody tailgates...because most of them only know where the stadium is, because MOST of them did not even go to the school.

tigernation said...


tigernation said...


Shakes, I know you are busy, but Jay's Dad asked Chuck and I to play his 50th b-day party this saturday. He is putting us up the the Double Tree in Alpharetta....not far from Lori Beth's house. I think he is planning on actually paying us, so we could give some to you as well.

We would love to have you, but I understand how crazy this time of year is, so no big deal. But let me know if you want to come with.

Daddy said...

See, Arky's aint all bad.

I got a job offer today in bham for an engineering firm in hoover.

Bowling? And how was the cruise?

King of Tigerland said...

congrats, big daddy. it must have been the suit!

did Jay's dad move to the executive haven of Atlanta(alpharetta)?

tigernation said...

Yes, Scotty Gunns has moved the entire company out of G'ville and into Alpharetta. Exit 11 off 400.

Congrats daddy.

Daddy said...

I heard the funniest commercial yesterday on the radio. It was an ad for the University of Alabama. It starts off with this woman talking. She is saying how she is the biggest Alabama fan there is and has been forever, and goes on and on about how she is so loyal to bama. THen she says that(of course) she never went to alabama and never went to college and her lack of education has been a real foot hole. Then she starts talking about how you can get an easy degree from alabama now and not have to quit your job.

I thought bammers liked to deny the fact that their fans didnt go to the University, now they are using that fact as advertisement (FOR THE UNIVERSITY)....perfect!

Daddy said...


Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes you are such a dumbass, T town is not copying rhe Tiger Walk (as if Auburn is the only team in the nation who does this) with the walk of champions. The walk of champions is the entrance way into the new part of the stadium. It will hold all the NC, SEC, and etc. trophies, along with plaques honoring the NC teams, and 4 9ft. statues of the coaches who won the title at Bama(Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Paul “Bear” Bryant and Gene Stallings) Now there is no way that is a copy of an Barner thing.

tigernation said...

How long until an AU fan defaces the "Bahr" statue? I promise it won't be me, as I will never go back to T-town. I contracted crabs from a woman there 4 years ago. Had to burn of my pubes with gasoline!

Or beter yet, how many toothless rednecks will have their picture made in front of the statue this year? My guess is roughly 40,000. And of those 40,000 how many will have attended the Crapstain? Roughly 4. Just kidding

I really would like to have a video camera set up in front of that statue on opening day. You know it's gonna be fun to watch.

"Honey, git over thar wit yur Mumma and let me git a piture uf ya! Thar ye go. Go aheed and put yer hand on his hand.....that's touchin God right Thar sweetie."

Dr.Feelgood said...

I am sure you nailed that on the head nation.

You won't be attending the Iron Bowl this year. Crabs are just a bump in the road, you gotta shake that one off and keep on.

tigernation said...

Yeah, speaking of problems in that "area".

I was having a pain in my lower abdomen so I checked my nuts and found a lump on one of them. This is not a joke.

I went to the doctor and they made me get an Ultrasound on my sack. Which was really cool, they put this warm goo all over your boys and then make a video.

So, I am waiting to hear what the radiologist has to say about whether or not I have to have something done.

Kind of scary, so check your boys in the shower, you never know.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I hope everything comes back clean. Its a good think you took care of the situation early.

Even the worst scenarios caught early, they now have it down to something like battliing the flu.

Still though I am sure it is somewhat scary.

I do love the ultrasound, back in the athletic days of glory at OHS I had shoulder rehab that consisted of ultrasound sessions with a SMOKIN therapist (ginger cruse, shakes and daddy).

She used to massage that cool gel on my shoulders the run that medal thing all over them. Chubbying up just remembering those times

tigernation said...

Yeah, I was hoping the one hot nurse at the office would be conducting the exam.

But of course she went to lunch and a 55 year old woman did it. She was cool and made it easy, but no chubs for me.

She said she did about 1 ultrasound a week on guys nuts and she thought I just had a calcium deposit down there. But she is not a doctor and is not supposed to speculate. I hope she is right though. Don't want to be having cancer and losing a nut. But I guess it could be worse.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Too much milk nation.

Any of you played NCAA 2007. been gaming for a couple of days myself

tigernation said...

I will be making my solo debut tonight at SeaBones Bar and Grill. Wish me luck. Short notice so I really have no idea what I will do.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Start off with some Cyndi Lauper or bangles just to see if you get to see WTF eyes from the crowd.

Just got surprised with a pop-meeting at work. No one tellse me I have to meet with this woman and she shows up around 3:45, and said she had talked to my boss and I was the one who she was supposed to meet with. Speaking of WTF eyes, but like always I pulled through with my charm and handled the meeting as if I had known about it for months