Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heart of Dixie Shines on Signing Day

The state of Alabama ensured football success for years to come as its two powerhouses, Auburn and Alabama, stocked the pantry with fresh talent. Bama satisfied an insatiable need for offensive linemen after opening up Stickman hunting season in November against two teams of Tigers. Auburn loaded up with recievers who might catch the ball and 8 D-linemen to replace a great senior group.

Both schools signed two talented QB's apiece. Auburn's two signess are both considered Top 20 as McElroy seems to be a great fit in Tuscaloosa and the Earl of Bama might see time at reciever sooner than later. The Iron Bowl line battles for the next several years could be epic as both seems to be solid Top 15 teams in the years to come. Runs at championships could happen if the chips fall right for both teams. Although that reality seems more likely for the Tigers for the continuing future.

Florida, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Ole Miss seem to have risen to the top of the the 2006 recruiting classes. Let us know what you think about Signing Day. Also, let us know what the Iron Bowl result will be when these guys are upperclassmen.


tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

I guess you guys have seen it but if you haven't yet. Gibbs will be the secondary coach for the Kansas City Chiefs next year.

They say a guy named Chuck Pagano is the first candidate. He has been in the NFL for a while but he coached with Tubby at Miami. I read where he was the secondary and special teams coach there. From what they said, his teams were pretty stingy and they blocked like 39 kicks in 5 years.

We shall see. I'm just glad Gibbs waited until after signing day to announce.

shakeyour$maker said...

Gibbs sucked anyway. I think the D would have been better this year under him with a full year under his belt, and with a lot of players returning on D....but who cares now. He made a habit of giving up a lot of yards to lesser opponents. In the 12 games Auburn played last season, the defense gave up over 300 yards in 7 games...over 400 in 3 games including UGA, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. In Gibbs last appearance AU gave up 548 yards, 247 rushing, and 301 passing. That is just plain terrible. I hope he gets his shit straight in the NFL. Tubbs needs to get another Wayne Hall (without the baggage), Brother Bill Oliver, or a Gene Chizik. I wish Joe Whitt would take over the reins as well.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I think the most obvious choice for replacement would be the following: Former Tide Coach Mike DuBose.

Daddy - ever been trout fishing on the Little Red??

shakeyour$maker said...

DuBose would be a SOLID choice. He was such a great coach at Bama. And the fact that he has a belly resembling that of Joe Lee Dunn. Bigger the Belly, the better the coach.

Dr. I heard that they dug up the Bear to get that hat that Andre wore. Shula is taking this shit a little to far.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah we will continue to dig him up as many times as it takes.

Did you catch sportscenter this morning. Only recruiting clip they showed. Andre never said he was attending the Univ. of Alabama, just said I will play ball in Tuscaloosa. Even Sportscenter guy said "We all know what University that was by the hat."

Lot better press conference hat than the Shell Station war eagle hat Hawthorne had on

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.- I agree with the Hawthorne hat coming from the Shell station next to "The Club".

Breaking News!!!!!!!

Tubbs "the Brilliant" has just fired Coach Joe Whitt from the coaching staff. Whitt has been with Auburn since 1981. The heart and soul of the Auburn D.

Rumor has it that Tubbs came into his office this morning and told him that he was going to have to let him go because of coaching conflicts.

My theory is that "Peanut" Whitehead was a solid Auburn commitment to the coaches, especially David Gibbs. Joe Whit has a son at U Louisville on the staff. I think Joe sent wind to his son that Gibbs was out at Auburn. Once this was out, so was Peanut from Auburn.

You make your own opinions. I`m not very happy with this decision, mainly because Joe Whit is the best coach Auburn has hands down. The man has done wonders with our linebackers putting many of them in the NFL. This was a very content and humble man who did not care about being anything higher than a LB coach. How can you fire someone who loves what they do and where they work, and has done nothing but be successful.

Examples: DT, Dansby, Aundray Bruce, Kevin Greene, TKO Spikes, Marcus Washington, T and A williams, Kurt Crain, Greg Carr, James Willis, Jason Miska, Anthony Harris, Marcellus Mostella, Mark Brown, and Quentin Riggins (au network). These are just a few of the many, many greats he has coached. Recognize any of these boys?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Rainy Day in Memphis = Boring Day

Need a little more from you all today.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Smells like internal problems.

tigernation said...

Dr. Are you really bragging about who had the better press conference and something that was said on sportscenter? Wow. Don't know what to say. WAY TO GO BAMAAAAA!!!! Smith is coming and they showed it on ESPN!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Tubby is and idiot if that is true about Whitt. Where did you hear that?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nation I don't believe I remember when defending a kid you all have been ruthless on equals bragging, but maybe thats just me. I was just replying to Shakes post about digging up the Hat.

Shakes - the shell station underneath your old hangout the "Bee Hive" teen club

shakeyour$maker said...

Don`t worry where I heard it, but I know for a fact it is true, let`s just say that.

Tubbs sucks cock-a-cola all day long. Why in the shit would you fire your best coach?

I hate him!

Andre does have a bitch voice though, Dr. You have to tell me that you would talk shit to him about it if you were lined up in front of him in a game.

shakeyour$maker said...

I did hang out at the beehive teen club. I met your mom up there one night, Dr.

I just sent you all a song Charles and I recorded the other night.

tigernation said...

I know I know. Just stirring the pot. Trying to bring some light to your dreary day in memphrica.

I feel like if smith was a Bama lean all along he should have announced really early to try and bring some other big names with him. Maybe he wasn't as sure as everybody said, or maybe he just wanted to take all of his visits. Just a thought.

It can't be true that they fired Whitt. I hope they reconsider but damn, that sucks. Lots of our players came to AU because of him.

shakeyour$maker said...

He was the best thing Auburn had for real. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. Tubbs is a complete fool. He was the best coach, recruiter, and mentor we had on our staff. Tubbs should just go ahead and get ready for a huge uproar because I promise you this is gonna get very ugly.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I agree and wish Smith had committed earlier. I think he was open to other schools and toyed with it until the end.

May have helped pull in some other big recruits

Dr.Feelgood said...

Debbi used to be a bar maid up there.

She helped me buy that '88 pontiac fiero I drove in high school

tigernation said...

Fiero's are known for exploding when hit from behind. Just like Pinto's,

Recording sounds good Shakes! No harmony on the chorus though, kind of let me down. Overall pretty good. I really can't wait to get down there and participate.

Black Crowe's March 14 at the Fox. I suggest everyone getting ticks. That is the week of the A-Day game so I will be in town that weekend also.

Shakes - try learning these if you get time.....Sting Me, You're Wrong, and No Speak No Slave.

tigernation said...

Dr. - I know you think that rankings don't matter like most of us, but to shed some light on you and Shake's talk about scheduling I have listed below the Sporting News Rankings of SEC schedules.......not even close.

SEC schedules are far from equal
February 2, 2006

All men may have been created equal, but all schedules aren't. Especially in the SEC. Here's how I break down each team's 2006 to-do list, from toughest to easiest schedule. Oh, and please say a prayer for Florida.

2006 SEC Schedules

1. Florida.

The good: Thank God for Vanderbilt and Kentucky. In fact, the lone sure road win is at Vandy. The only other gimme is a visit from Western Carolina. Opening at home vs. Southern Miss and Central Florida figures to net two wins -- but it may not be easy.

The bad: There are eight games vs. 2005 bowl teams, more than any other SEC squad. It'll come down to a monster four-game stretch from Sept. 30-Oct. 28, when the Gators play host to Alabama and LSU, go to Auburn and play Georgia. The Visored One visits in November. Can you feel the buzz yet?

Likely wins: (5) Southern Miss, Central Florida, Kentucky, at Vanderbilt, Western Carolina

Likely losses: (1) at Florida State

Tossups: (6) at Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, at Auburn, Georgia (at Jacksonville, Fla.), South Carolina

2. Tennessee

The good: Opening with four homes games is sweet, but none is a pushover. There's only one scary road game: at Georgia.

The bad: November again is marshmallow soft. Looking for a key stretch? It's from Oct. 7-Nov. 4, when the Vols go to Georgia, play host to Alabama, go to South Carolina and welcome LSU. Good luck.

Likely wins: (6) Air Force, Marshall, at Memphis, at Arkansas, at Vanderbilt, Kentucky

Likely losses: None 3. Mississippi State

The good: Looking for "sure wins?" Visits from Tulane and Jacksonville State are it. Home tilts vs. Kentucky and Arkansas offer hope -- slim, but some. There's a chance for a fast finish with a visit from Arkansas and trip to Ole Miss.

The bad: Opening at UAB is suicidal. And a visit from Auburn follows. Can you say "0-2?" And this is the wrong year to play host to West Virginia.

Likely wins: (2) Tulane, Jacksonville State

Likely losses: (5) Auburn, at LSU, West Virginia, at Georgia, at Alabama

Tossups: (5) at UAB, South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, at Ole Miss

4. Vanderbilt

The good: There's a chance -- a chance -- to win three in a row with Tennessee State and Kent State coming to Music City, followed by a trip to Ole Miss. And games at Duke and Kentucky have to make the Commodore Nation smile. Is there a Commodore Nation?

The bad: Where to start. Well, Vandy opens at Michigan and at Alabama. Just brutal. And November features visits from Florida and Tennessee. Keep Vandy in your prayers.

Likely wins: (2) Tennessee State, Kent State

Likely losses: (5) at Michigan, at Alabama, at Georgia, Florida, Tennessee

Tossups: (5) Arkansas, at Ole Miss, South Carolina, at Duke, at Kentucky

5. Auburn (one non-league game TBA)

The good: It's not a stretch to envision the Tigers starting 6-0 with visits from Florida and LSU to follow. The only road pothole is at Alabama, where the Tigers have had success. There are only five games vs. 2005 bowl teams.

The bad: Playing Florida and LSU back-to-back is no treat, but they come to the Plains. Opening at home vs. Washington State isn't as easy as it looks.

Likely wins: (6) Washington State, at Mississippi State, Temple, Tulane, Arkansas, at Ole Miss

Likely losses: None

Tossups: (5) at South Carolina, Florida, LSU, Georgia, at Alabama

6. Kentucky

The good: Thoughts of a 3-0 start aren't crazy: at Louisville, vs. Texas State and vs. Ole Miss. Well, maybe they are. November could be kind, with consecutive home games vs. Vandy and Louisiana-Monroe.

The bad: There's only one winnable road game: at Mississippi State. And the only home game that Kentucky appears to be overmatched in will be when Georgia visits Lexington.

Likely wins: (3) Texas State, Central Michigan, Louisiana-Monroe

Likely losses: (6) at Louisville, at Florida, South Carolina, at LSU, Georgia, at Tennessee

Tossups: (3) Ole Miss, at Mississippi State, Vanderbilt

7. Ole Miss

The good: A home date with I-AA Northwestern State in November will be a respite. Going 2-2 on the road in SEC action is doable, thanks to trips to Kentucky and Arkansas. Vanderbilt comes to Oxford. Yeah!

The bad: The non-conference cupcakes are scarce, with a visit to Missouri and home games vs. Memphis and Wake Forest. The SEC schedule isn't horrid, since cross-division foes Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina are off the menu.

Likely wins: (2) Memphis, Northwestern State

Likely losses: (4) Georgia, at Alabama, Auburn, at LSU

Tossups: (6) at Missouri, at Kentucky, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, at Arkansas, Mississippi State

8. Arkansas

The good: Aside from a trip to Auburn, the Hogs could win their other three SEC road games. A home win over Alabama on Sept. 23 would provide boffo confidence heading into a manageable four-game stretch.

The bad: There's lots of heavy lifting in the opener: USC comes to Fayetteville. Time to run for cover. November could make or break the Hogs: at South Carolina, vs. Tennessee, at Mississippi State, vs. LSU.

Likely wins: Utah State, Southeast Missouri State, Louisiana-Monroe

Likely losses: USC, Alabama, at Auburn, Tennessee, LSU (at Little Rock, Ark.)

Tossups: at Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, at South Carolina, at Mississippi State

9. Georgia

The good: If the Bulldogs survive a Sept. 9 junket to South Carolina, they should be 5-0 with Tennessee headed to Athens. Start thinking big if that happens. The only worrisome true road game is Nov. 11 at Auburn.

The bad: The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party usually makes Georgia puke. Non-conference visits from UAB and Colorado are intriguing -- and dicey. Will the Dawgs experience a letdown when closing at home vs. Georgia Tech after their game at Auburn?

Likely wins: (8) Western Kentucky, UAB, Colorado, at Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, at Kentucky, Georgia Tech

Likely losses: None

Tossups: (4) at South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida (at Jacksonville, Fla.), at Auburn

10. South Carolina (one non-league game TBA)

The good: Check out these three SEC road games: Mississippi State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt. Pretty sweet. There are only four 2005 bowl teams on the schedule.

The bad: The Gamecocks open with three consecutive SEC games. Steve Spurrier can't like that. Especially when two of the tilts are visits from Georgia and Auburn. South Carolina's season closes at Clemson, which has been a pain in the neck to the Gamecocks. Think Florida will be fired up for Spurrier's return on Nov. 11? Uh, yes.

Likely wins: (3) at Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Florida Atlantic

Likely losses: None

Tossups: (8) Georgia, at Mississippi State, Auburn, at Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arkansas, at Florida, at Clemson

11. LSU (one non-league game TBA)

The good: There are just three games vs. bowl teams from last season. There's no heavy lifting until a trip to Florida on Oct. 7.

The bad: Things get scary on Oct. 21 with a trip to Auburn. After that, LSU goes to Tennessee and welcomes Alabama. And finishing at Arkansas never is a treat.

Likely wins: (7) Louisiana-Lafayette, Arizona, Tulane, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Ole Miss, at Arkansas (Little Rock, Ark.)

Likely losses: None

Tossups: (4) at Florida, at Auburn, at Tennessee, Alabama

12. Alabama

The good: It's all good. Only three 2005 bowl teams are on the menu. The season opens with three fat softballs, and there are eight home games. The first seven will be jockstrap games.

The bad: When it gets bad, it get bad. Real bad. Check this out: at Florida, at Tennessee and at LSU. Oh, and Auburn visits to close the year.

Likely wins: (8) Hawaii, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, at Arkansas, Duke, Ole Miss, Florida International, Mississippi State

Likely losses: None

Tossups: (4) at Florida, at Tennessee, at LSU, Auburn

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah, really high on Washington State is a joke. That game will be just as tough as the Hawaii game.

South Carolina should not be a toss-up either Auburn will beat SC by 14 or more.

tigernation said...

So even after Bama is ranked LAST with 7 teams in between Bama and AU, you wont say that AU has little bit tougher road? Come on DR. dont let the crimson glasses play that big of a factor. It is ok to say that Bama has an easy ride ONE year.

King of Tigerland said...

Where are the 2006 schedules?

King of Tigerland said...

please post

King of Tigerland said...

Nice tunes $hakes. I like the style and the moves.

Dr.Feelgood said...

For the 1500th fucking time, I am by NO MEANS saying the schedule is harder.

Who actually reads the Sporting News anyway. That whole rank system is based on 2005 bowl candidates.

Vandy 1 play away from being bowl eligible last year, very similar to last years SC

Tennessee is a perennial bowl team. Will be in one next year.

If it really means that much to you all congratulations you play Washington State we play Hawaii. Man, how does Auburn do it??

There is not that much fucking difference in these schedules. So why do you all act like you are bringing a power packed schedule when clearly Auburn is not. They both have patty cake schedules.

Also please note that Miss State gets credit for playing UAB as a tough game. Kidding??

tigernation said...

You are too easy dude. Take a Zanax, shit. It's a long off season and we're just trying to have something to talk about.

By the way, lots of people read the sporting news.

When was it said that Auburn had a tough schedule? The point was that Bama has a WEAK AS HELL schedule.

You should be glad they do since y'all lose guys on defense and a QB. It should help the young guys come along easier.

We were just seeing if you could be objective about Bama and we have our answer.

That is the last time I will mention Alabama until football season. I will only talk about Auburn and the Braves.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I would prefer Valium

Your answer is based solely on 2005 bowl appearances.

You play SC we play Vandy

You play UGA we play Tenn.

Are you ready, Yes, your SEC schedule is tougher. Out of conference is not "hands down tougher"

Daddy said...

Tickets for Crowes go on sale today. i think that we are gonna have to go. The only thing bad about The Fox is that it is hard to put on an illegal smile there, especially if you are not in the balcony. It is a sweet looking venue though.

tigernation said...

Yeah, Valium is a little better.

I need some today BIG TIME.

I sold a woman 2 twin sets of bedding and TOLD HER they were different at the point of sale. Just got through taking them to her house and she got pissed because they were diffenent. She called before I got back to the store bitching about it. The sets are in a play room and little kids sleep on them. Who cares if one is an inch higher than the other, the kids sure don't. The general public is full of moronic people. The last thing I want on a Friday is to be bitched out by some stupid redneck woman.

Just giving you a hard time Dr, no big deal. The only thing that I am worried about in AU's schedule is playing 12 games in a row. Of course, they usually lose when they have too much time to prepare so maybe 12 in a row will help.

Daddy said...

I am wrong its tommorrow they go on sale.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The public is horrible. It seems like no one can do anything for themselves anymore.

i get calls all day about a paint blemish in their new house. We give them a touch up kit. Take the brush, dip it in the paint, and put the brush to the spot on the wall. It is that easy. Instead they will spend hours calling everyone in the company. Take off work to meet someone to come in and paint for 30 seconds.

Idiots running wild

Dr.Feelgood said...

Daddy you never answered this post.

Daddy - ever been trout fishing on the Little Red??

Dr.Feelgood said...

Daddy you never answered this post.

Daddy - ever been trout fishing on the Little Red??

Daddy said...

No, never been trout fishing on it, been to it.

Daddy said...

No, never been trout fishing on it, been to it.

Daddy said...

You talking about the Little Red that runs through Arkansas and Tennessee?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Anyone see Clinton Portis dressed up as Coconut Jones the Spiritual Healer this morning in Detroit??

Dr.Feelgood said...

yeah, we are thinking of a trout fishing trip first of march

Daddy said...

I wanna go.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright i will keep you posted on details

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright i will keep you posted on details

tigernation said...

OK, my "inside sources" on seem to have heard that Muschamp will be the new DC at Auburn. Just a rumor, but this is coming from the administrators on the Auburn Scout message board.

Let the blitzing begin. Just hope the corners can lock it down.

Muschamp is from Rome, GA; played at UGA and was a grad assistant under "Brother" Oliver at Auburn before going to LSU under Saban.

Dr.Feelgood said...

sorry about the double posts earlier, just trying to boost numbers

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nice pick up of Buffalo to the schedule another jugernaut Out of conference.

tigernation said...

Auburn only schedules BCS teams for non-conference. That is the Buffalo BILLS. Auburn is so good they have to schedule NFL teams to make it easier for the rest of the nation.

It's official, Muschamp is the new DC. I just hope we keep Whitt as LB coach but it looks like he will be taking a job as assistant AD. Thanks Joe.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Got speeding ticket dismissed today

tigernation said...

So how long did you have to go down on the judge for? Does your jaw hurt? HAAAAHAAHAAAHAHa

Just kidding. Got to love sticking it to the man. I hate tickets and it's always nice to hear of somebody getting away with one.

Dr.Feelgood said...

It was 49 in a 40. Disgrace of the police station to pull me over, little less waste the paper.

I sent a lawyer friend of mine. Took her 10 min. - Dismissed.

Fuckers Looks like I came out on top. i want to find that mustacjed faggot cop and slap him with my dissimissal ppaper

tigernation said...

Joe Whitt to take a position fundraising for Tigers Unlimited along side coach Dye.

I think Shake's conspiracy theory about P-nut might be a little off base. Coaches don't get fired over one partially qualifying player. I hope all of these internet rumors about turmoil among the staff are just that.....rumors.

tigernation said...

So your arresting officer had a Dick Brush on his face? I bet he looked like our boy Daddy......a member of the "Village People."

Dr.Feelgood said...

Very much a soft bristled dick brush. Even used the classic line "Sir, do you know what I clocked you at?"

Daddy said...

Listen, I take the topic of lip decorations very seriously. I think calling a lip warmer a dick brush is inappropriate.

"Grow a goddamn mushtache!"

Daddy said...


Dr.Feelgood said...


tigernation said...

"I'm growing a mustache."......"You're growing a mustache, Rabbit?"

"Shut up Farva!"

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation- I was not offbase with my assumption of Joe Whit`s firing. I hit the nail on the head....and if you think that P-nut had nothing to do with his dismissal, you may want to look into this a little closer. Joe Whit Jr. is a coach at UL. Wonder how they got P-Nut? Dad`s dont ever try to help their kids out....come on`s almost plain as day what took place here.