Thursday, February 16, 2006

Great American Race

The end of the week. Amen.

NASCAR is back. The Daytona 500 is Sunday and should be a dandy. Who will win the race and the NextelSprintWinstonFranceFamily Cup in 2006?

Better yet, if you were a driver who would you be? Fiction or non.............I'd be #52 and a bull in a china cabinet. Watch out passing me on the left.

$hakes might be a good Jeff Gordon or LowesChevyMonteCarlo. Dr. would be the Ghost of Dale. Nation might be Rusty Wallace aka oldasssmartass or junior. Diddy would be Jeff Gordon's girlfriend. The King would be 20.

I remember Nation claiming to be an Olympian the last Olympiad because he was a "luger".

In the spirit of the Olympics, what is your favorite winter sport?

This is definitely your blog.


tigernation said...

I am no doubt the best "luger" on this blog if not the entire world.

I would be whoever is car #16. I took that number when I was 8 years old because of Bo Jackson and it took me to numerous championships that most of you have heard a lot about. So I would have to be ole #16. I guess that is Biffle? Not really sure.

Fave Winter Olymp Sport: Either SnowboardCross, Luge(1 man), or anything that has the cute little American SnowBunnies(freestyle Skiing, snowbard pipe, etc..).

tigernation said...

Did anyone hear Bryant Freaking Gumble complaining about no blacks in the Winter Olymps?

That stupid son of a bitch needs to realize that BLACK PEOPLE HATE THE COLD!!!!!!! Therfore, no black people snow ski....duuuhh.

I have been skiing out west 3 or 4 times in my life and have NEVER seen a single blackie.

And Bryant Gumble is whiter than I am. WTF is he bitching about?

Daddy said...

That snowboard cross is definitely awesome-the nascar of winter sports!

If I were a nascar driver I would be Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder.

Jeff Gordon's wife? Suck it!

Daddy said...

Oh yeah, and the curling is pretty fun to watch too, mainly because any of us could be olympic curlers. We should form a team.

shakeyour$maker said...

There was a black gold medalist last winter olympics in Salt Lake City. She did the bobsled or luge or something like that. SHe was also from the greatest state in the world....ALABAMA. Also, there is a black male speed skater on the US team. He is a problem child for the US "TEAM" because he has repeatedly refused to practice with the team. He trains in Canada, because he says the team doesn`t like him and won`t let him show off his skills. TYPICAL!!!!

Bryant Gumble needs to think before he speaks. Did he ever think about the national qualifying competitions for each sport in the Olympics? Most of the people that try to qualify for the team don`t make it...and I`m sure there are some blacks that try out...but don`t make it. Is that the fault of the white man?

They have more colored people in the Summer Olympics than Winter Olympics...Do white people need to start complaining when the majority of the SUmmer Olympic US team is black? I`m thinking yes, if Bryant wants to complain.

shakeyour$maker said...

I would be #3 or #1 if I had a race car. That would make me Dale E. or Truex, Jr.

shakeyour$maker said...

I have to say that I have enjoyed Men`s figure skating...The times I have watched someone has busted...and busted HARD.

Favorite would have to be the Snowboard Cross and Speed Skating.

tigernation said...

You would Shakey!!! And we know it's not 'cause you like the "busts". It's because you like the "butts".

Daddy - I doesn't surprise me that you would want to be Tom (closet Fag) Cruise. It is all coming together about you two today. My theory is being proven correct.

I forgot about speed skating, that is fun to watch. Although, why don't they haul ass the whole time? Somebody should train to go full throttle the whole race. They would blow everybody away. Just sprint the whole time kind of like the 400 meters in the summer.

Did i read correctly when I saw that a former Bama football player was teaching PE and let students pay him $1 a day so they didn't have to dress out? I guess he played for the Bahr.

Daddy said...

If your theory is that we are badasses and would beat you so unmerciful if you were to step out of line...then you are correct!

Did anyone use to listen to the jerky boys...that shit is hilarious!

tigernation said...

(With Jewish accent)..................
"This is Sual, Saul Rosenberg.....I am calling about the dresser you advertised in the paper......yes, I need someone to help me get dressed in the morning."

(Gay Accent)......."Do you have any blue ballooooonssss?"

Yes, the Jerky Boys are great. Donny was a big fan.

P.S. Just kidding about that teacher....not a Bama player.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes I believe it was already designated the #3 car, thats right the Intimidator. Long Live Dale

Bryant Gumbel is white. I heard a great term for people like Gumbel on the radio this morning : "Caucasianally Challenged"

Daddy you would be no Cole Trickle, more like Rowdy Gaines

tigernation said...

Daddy is not even Rowdy. He is the other guy (Robin Hood -Men in Tights).

bulldogbite said...

Jerky boys: "Do you have any lobsters, I likes to lick that shit, I slaps that shit right off the table.

Fave olympic: also curling
MSNBC= "all curling all the time"

The US womens team has some lookers (blonde twins)

Dale Jarret, the Ford UPS #88 car

Dr.Feelgood said...

That teacher was from Atmore, AL

tigernation said...

Bulldog - You still got the 88 sticker on the back window of the truck?

That reminds me of that HUGE Cowboy Collar you wore in your football days. You looked like you were 6'10".....LOL

Jerky..."You want me to sell a f-cking tank I'll sell the shit! I take the customer's head and SLAM it in the hood of the Caahh and I say you buy this f-cking cahh you piece of shit!!!"

tigernation said...

I am on my 2nd Honda. Not to mention the 2 Toyotas and the Jeep. Just waiting to buy the 350 Z!!!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Ford?? Might as well be a Honda

tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

Dawg - Darrell just called and said he is taking his Autistic Buddy to the ATL Aquarium. I wish I could get a video of that. Can you imagine Darrell at the aquarium with that guy? So funny.

Dr.Feelgood said...

IF you have to go Ford you should go Ricky Rudd for the name

Dr.Feelgood said...

Check it out:

Souths gonna do it again

tigernation said...

We should have won that stinking war!!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Definitely, Since we didn't we will just vandalize the yankee statues

Dr.Feelgood said...

ANyone reading any of this Albert Belle stalking stuff. What a creep

tigernation said...

Just heard a little on the radio this morning. No details.

Feel free to copy and paste if you got something good. I am too lazy to do anything today.

tigernation said...

Dr - you will like this.

There is an argument on's premium board about whether or not Taylor Hicks is a AU or Bama fan.

I think he went to AU but lots of people say he is a Bama homer.

They are saying that if he wins American Idol that Bama will claim a 13th National this true?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Albert apparently sed GPS systems to track his ex's movement what a psycho.

Taylor Hicks you can have him. Maybe you can print shop a few photos with an Aubrn tee on the AI stage

shakeyour$maker said...

I heard the same thing nation. UAT is already planning a ceremony for the 13th NC just in case Hicks wins the competition. They have a parade planned, and a baloon release at Denny Chimes where Hick will lay his hand and boot prints in the famous Crimson Tide walk of Champions.

Daddy said...

Dr. you shut it...Taylor Hicks is a badass! And no doubt he is an aburn fan!

He really is good though. We went and saw his band play at the bar and they were good. Old school blues and soul.

"I want you to weld me a box, just big enough to send my wifes fat ass seaworthy"

"I used to be a seamen, now I just put it all over my wife's ass"

"Do you have any blue balloons, ones that I can touch and lick"

Just a few of my favorites.

Dr.Feelgood said...

So are you seriously trying to turn an Auburn grad on American Idol into an Alabama joke. Must be a sad Friday.

Little E takes the checkered flag at Daytona, followed by Tony "Smoke" Stewart Gordon Top 5's it but Jimmie Johnson struggles without his cre chief

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here are Sundays odds as of today:
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 4:1
Michael Waltrip 5:1
Kevin Harvick 9:1
Jeff Gordon 10:1
Jimmie Johnson 11:1
Tony Stewart 12:1
Kurt Busch 13:1
Ryan Newman 15:1
Dale Jarrett 18:1
Bobby Labonte 18:1
Matt Kenseth 20:1
Sterling Marlin 20:1
Rusty Wallace 25:1
Robby Gordon 30:1
Mark Martin 30:1
Greg Biffle 35:1
Jeremy Mayfield 35:1
Jeff Burton 40:1
John Andretti 40:1
Elliott Sadler 40:1
Ricky Rudd 40:1
Terry Labonte 50:1
Jamie McMurray 50:1
Brian Vickers 60:1
Ward Burton 60:1
Scott Riggs 70:1
Joe Nemechek 70:1
Kasey Kahne 75:1
Ricky Craven 75:1
Jimmy Spencer 100:1
Brendan Gaughan 250:1
Field (all drivers
not listed): 100:1

tigernation said...

I don't care if he likes Bama, AU, or the Fruit Loop Faggot Squad. I jusr thought it was a funny joke about the 13 titles.

Are y'all really gonna watch the Nascar? I thought it was a joke. I really can't say when the last time was that I watched a race. I would like to see Junior pull one out if I had to pull for somebody.

tigernation said...

Are there bookies that take bets on races?

I heard from a customer who owns a car repair shop that Nascar knows within 5 drivers who is gonna win. So basically they can place the top 5 in no particular order for every race. If you could somehow get this info you could win tons of money.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I am a NASCAR fan. Me Daddy and Shakes grew up right near Dega. Shawn used to take us to the lounge in the Holiday Inn to see some of the drivers on race weekends.

tigernation said...

Thats cool. I know Dega was down the road but I didnt know you guys were such big fans.

Hey, they filmed parts of Days of Thunder at Lanier Raceway, which is right down the road from me. I think it was the early parts of the movie, when he was a training. I have only been to a couple of races but they are pretty fun. nothing like Talladigggga though.

Dr.Feelgood said...

You should attend a race, I am not like a huge fan but I will watch and I will keep up with it.

If you go you will be a fan. It is like going to PCB for Spring Break, you call it the redneck riviera but part of you still wants to go there

Daddy said...

Yeah going to a race is pretty awesome. Dr., You remember sleeping on platforms on trucks, and hanging out with the jsu KA's and Wayne Mills?

tigernation said...

Oh, there will always be a special place in my heart for PCB!

tigernation said...

Found this on the Bama board this morning. Pretty heart warming stuff........

Posted by My name is Earl on February 18, 2006 at 11:28:37:

Last night I took my 7 year old to Dillards to do a little spring shopping. While we were looking around he stops and yells " Hey Dad, look, can I have this? It's an Iron Bowl shirt."

I said no son, we lost that game. He said "But Dad we never beat Auburn!"

I stopped and thought for a minute and realized he was too young to remember us beating Auburn.

Basically, the last several years are his memories and he doesn't know what's it's like to win. How sad is that? I about cried!

So I got down on one knee, looked him in the eyes and said "Son, I promise you we will beat Auburn this year!" He got a big ole smile on his face and said "Do you mean that Dad?" And I said "Son, I promise!"

It was just one of those father, son moments that I will never forget! I hope I can keep my promise!


What he failed to tell is son is...."Son, and if we lose to Auburn, I will take out my gun and shoot you. Because that is what we Bama fans do when we lose."

Just thought you guys would like such a touching father-son moment.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation, That was one of the funniest things I have ever read.

That little boy is gonna think his dad is a big lying bastard if Auburn gives UAT the thumb. Why make a pormise over something you have no control over. Typical, typical, typical.