Monday, June 11, 2007

And So It Goes.........

Well after years of build up Sopranos fans are left to more questions. My first feeling as the credits began to roll was one of disappointment and even a little bit of anger toward David Chase and his choice of endings to one of my all time favorite shows. But after a night of sleep and a half day of pondering the ending and reading some other viewer's ideas, i am beginning to see the brilliance in the final episode. Chase tied up as many loose ends as he could in a one hour finale. Meadow is getting married and despite her growing up hating the mob life, she will go to law school and come back to ultimately defend "the life". AJ is beginning to see that there are ups and downs in life and nothing is perfect while learning to look on the bright side (aided by a new BMW and a hot ass barely-legal girlfriend). Carmella still hates the drama of "the life" but she just can't get away form the spoils, including her new home, and she sighs as the thought of Tony going to jail enters her mind in the last scene as Tony tells her about the New York guy testifying.

Paulie is now #2 but is still super-paranoid. And we still see he has a little bit of a rift between himself and Christopher (who could have come back as that cat?).

The Federal Agent now has a soft spot for Tony and is openly rooting for NJ to win the mob war.

Phil gets it in the worst way!!! That was great....and gross.

Sil is still alive, although he'll never be Sil again.

So what did the ending mean? Well, do you remember Bobby and Tony talking on the boat in the first episode of this season? Tony says "you never see or hear the one that gets you, it just goes blank." So did Tony get whacked by the guy who went to the bathroom (phil's cousin?) just as Meadow walks in to eat dinner? Does Tony eventually go to jail for a couple of years on minor charges after the trial? Does nothing happen and "the life" go on as we saw for so many years?

I don't think there is any correct answer. Would you really be happier if it showed Tony getting killed in front of his family? Or having his family killed in front of him? Would it make you feel better if it said "tony and his family lived a happy life for ten more years and then tony was killed by Paulie."?

The director's job wasn't to make every fan happy, that would have been impossible. So why not tie up the loosest of ends with the finale, and then leave us with more questions, ones you can answer however you like?

I'll say it, the more i think about it, the more i am starting to really like the way it ended. Plus, now there really is a possibility for a movie or something.

Can you imagine the box office draw that a Sopranos Movie could pull? Crazy!

Thoughts ladies??????????????????????

P.S. Thanks to daddy, shakes, and king for a great weekend in AU. Always puts me i a great mood to go home to God's country.


Daddy said...

Yeah, brilliant ending, and we should have expected something like that. But i am still pissed off and I dont know why. Maybe because we were all expecting a more violent ending or maybe just because the show is over. I guess I was expecting a different kind of closure. With that said, what a great series that was. I wonder if chase will start a new project. Also, I bet we start seeing the Soprano actors all over the movies and tv.

Good seeing everyone this weekend.

tigernation said...

yeah this weekend was nice, ey got so pissed at shakes saturday i almost wet my pants!

and my roomy loved the sticky icky from A-town

tigernation said...

well, well, well, it looks like i'll be back in AU this saturday. Bo Tucker live at Sky Bar....bitches!

daddy - you gonna be around?

Daddy said...

shit, no. gotta go to a wedding in bham all weekend. damn weddings!

tigernation said...

oooh that sucks man. i hope shakes will be there, i know sunday is fathers day but i bet he would be willing to play at sky bar!

Wilbur Churchill said...

Yes, a good weekend indeed!

Wilbur Churchill said...

I saw the sopranos late night sunday.........I agree WTF? but you cant kill tony in front of the family!!

Phil got what he deserved!!!!!

tigernation said...

anybody around today?

Carl Montgomery said...

I will be around today

Excellent post king. Exactly my thoughts. Originally I had a wtf feeling but after it sunk in, I loved it

I cannot tell you how many random sopranos conversations have occurred at work and various places. Exactly what they wanted with that ending

Also people forget that when the show started it was about a mundane suburban family and it happened to be that the dad was a mobster. The show came full circle. Screw all the people that wanted a cliché mob ending with everyone getting killed

Daddy said...

i will be around a little this afternoon.

tigernation said...

dr - that was my post and thanks i agree, the ending was sweet

Carl Montgomery said...

Excuse me.

Great post nation

Got the laptop in yesterday. Now have to get internet. Tired of blogging via blackberry

Heard you all lived it up this weekend

tigernation said...

yeah i guess we lived it up, in our own little way. its crazy how going out to the bar with plans of being home by 1230 always ends up being 3am unless you leave the bar at 11.

Friday night was fun and we were all pretty tired on saturday which made for an early night. it was fun though.

this saturday at Sky Bar is gonna be off the chain though.

Carl Montgomery said...

Yeah talked to shakes yesterday

Its amazing how easy it is to slip back into college mode for one night then pay for it the next day

Daddy said...

ended up getting an invitation to the Santa Fe Cattle Company grand opening last night and was not impressed. Granted, they werent really serving entrees, just a few misc. items off the menu and cocktails, but it was nothing special. so we didnt miss anything on saturday night.

did you get that pearl jam email that nation sent?

"potato wa-ave.......make me fries."

tigernation said...

ha ha daddy i'm about to watch that again now that you reminded me of it!!!

Go check out Amy Winehouse on youtube. Something about her songs is really cool and different. I just learned the one called "rehab" on guitar. Sweet

tigernation said...

"i wanna leave Bennigans"

Carl Montgomery said...

I did and when I get to the apt. I will watch it again

tigernation said...

ski dadda dadda

pic of new and improved Tray blackmon in the email aubies

Carl Montgomery said...

I just got the internet at the office/on the laptop

I'm back, be ready for some major blogging over the next few weeks

tigernation said...

wow, so hungover today. went out to a house boat with my dad and jake to hang out with dad's buddies and grill out. Well, that turned into a marathon of beer and red wine. Gross.

Almost crached the Z on the way home. Came up on a stop sign at 82 mph and fish-tailed it out onto the highway and spun out in the middle of the road at about 65 mph. thought we were dead, windows down, drunk, no seat belt. talk about a wake up call. Luckily there was nobody coming our way in either direction.

tigernation said...


Carl Montgomery said...

That shit was scary I bet. The only time I have come that close in an auto was when Shakes was 16 or 17. We were in the jeep, no roof, no doors, no seatbelts. He didnt see the car was stopped in front of him, so he swerved off the road and came back in the middle of both lanes doing donuts.

If traffic had hit us we were done, if we flipped we had zero chance.

No body said a word the rest of the ride home

tigernation said...

yeah we had to pull over and re-group after that one. turned the music off but then just busted out laughing. thats the second time jacob and i have been that close to flipping.

When we came to a stop i had little bits of rubber on my face and in my eyes from the burning tires.

Almost spun into one of those huge road signs that they put up for construction sites. The electric ones witht eh whole sentences written on them. Yeah, near fatal crash to say the least

Carl Montgomery said...

That stuff is crazy. To think to if another car were. Craziness

Any thoughts on Junior to Hendricks?? Was going to get up a post on it last night, but didnt have cable (b/c of my dumbass roomate) and ended up watching DVDs and got pre occupied

tigernation said...

I think the Junior move will make it hard for lots of the die hard fans to hate Gordon as much as they do. I really don't keep up with it enough to have a strong opinion though. You?

Carl Montgomery said...

I am by no means a Gordon fan, but as far as a career move I think it is great for him. You are right though, I will probably feel less hatred towards Gordon in the coming seasons.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

There will always be a new rival to compete with. I wouldn't be surprised if NASCAR created a rivalry through the media to deflect the hatred from Gordon. Nothing like a little media spin

Daddy said...

always hated Jeff Gordon, but I like Dale's move.

black crowes putting out a CD/DVD package from the brothers of a feather tour. coming out this summer.

tigernation said...

Ahhhhhh, i'm so freaking bored and the day just started!