Wednesday, February 14, 2007


***Confirmed by various sources that Nick Saban, head coach of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa has been in contact with the Spanos family and AJ Smith, General Manager or the San Diego Chargers. After being contacted by the Daily Football Fix, Saban replied, "It's all about the bitchez & ho'z, power & money, riders & punks, which side are you on?!?!" I never expected him to quote 2Pac but stress has a certain effect on some people.

*** ***Snake in the Grass***Former Alabama QB Kenny Stabler is in hot water with the IRS...again. His house on Ono Island is up for sale as the IRS agreed to give it 6 months to sell before seizure. Stabler allegedly owes up to a half million dollars in back taxes. Kenny admitted he owed money but the number is still up for least that is what he thinks. My questions is why in the hell are you going to set up a one man corporation for your personal appearances when you will be taxed twice at the corporate level and then the at the personal level? So you can file for unemployment and raise your own personal corporate unemployment taxes if you don't arrange speaking engagements? One former NFLer who took one to many hits to the head.

"Saban's coming, Saban's coming!!"

Alabama B-Ball reeling...Auburn B-Ball has been reeling for years. Thank heavens baseball is here. Dr., I am sorry if your roomie had an orgasm about Ole Missy's win over the weekend. I can see it now..."All we do is score touchdowns!!" bad, that is the Newman, "All we do is score 3's!!!"

Congratulations to the War Daddy on his new job and impending move to God's country.

As I raise my hands to heavens, I ask, "Who am I?" The congregation sings, "Nick Saban cutting his grass!!!!"

Signing off and feeling damn good about it,

Wilbur Churchill


King of Tigerland said... there any body in there?? just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone home????

King of Tigerland said...

SEC coach Salary Football revenue Percentage
Nick Saban, Alabama $4,000,000 $44,426,312 9.0
Tommy Tuberville, Auburn 2,231,000 51,598,921 4.3
Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee 2,050,000 27,732,427 7.3
SteveSpurrier, South Carolina 1,750,000 33,051,529 5.2
Urban Meyer,Florida 1,525,550 48,194,552 3.1
Les Miles, LSU 1,450,000 39,528,895 3.7
Houston Nutt, Arkansas 1,049,644 28,466,785 3.7
Sylvester Croom, Miss.State 940,000 7,185,069 13.0
Ed Orgeron, Ole Miss 905,000 16,563,825 5.4
Rich Brooks, Kentucky 729,165 19,793,174 3.6

Bowl Championship Series coaches� salaries

BCS game coach Salary Football revenue Percentage
Jim Tressel, Ohio State $2,013,700 $60,773,537 3.3
Bobby Petrino, Louisville 1,743,000 16,331,615 9.3
Bob Stoops, Oklahoma 3,450,000 33,757,486 10.0
Chris Peterson, Boise State 511,880 8,542,522 6.0
Lloyd Carr, Michigan 1,454,619 50,365,537 2.9
Pete Carroll, S. California 2,782,320 27,777,249 10.0
Charlie Weis, Notre Dame 3,300,000 61,463,627 5.3

shakeyour$maker said...

There is no pain you are receiving. A distant ship`s smoke on the horizon. You are only coming through in waves....your lips move, but I can`t hear what you say. I`m about to become comfortably numb!

tigernation said...

Richt is over 2 mil.

OK...ok...ok...just a little pin prick. There'll be no more...AAAHHHH aaaahahaaaaa. But you may feel a little sick. Can ya stand up?....I do believe it's working...good. That'll keep ya going through the show....come on it's time to go.

Daddy said...

damn you nation! that was the part I was gonna type in.

tigernation said...

Well i guess i'm old but still faster than you......slow poke

Maybe you could type the lyrics to YMCA, or maybe a Bee Gee's song.

Daddy said...

You might actually know them better. Werent you in college when those groups first came out?

Daddy said...

You might know them better actually. Werent you in college when those gruops first came out?

Daddy said...

This blog is silly. First it told me that the first time I posted that that it didnt go through. Then when I posted it again, the first one showed up.

tigernation said...

No i was not born when they came out. I just figured you might know them since you probably heard them alot when you were at the bars in Fla with your boyfriend.

Oh yeah, somebody head butted my brother in Bourbon Street saturday night. So Chuck went ahead and beat him over the head with the bottom of his beer bottle 6 or 7 times. Guy got some stitches is his noggin for messing with Chuck....ha ha

Daddy said...

You are becoming senile in your old age. You are mistaking that for your frequents to the gay bars in the 70's.

Way to lay down the nasty chuck!

tigernation said...

Yeah he said he just blacked out and started pounding the guy. Had to be pulled away and doesn't really remember going crazy. Said there was blood everywhere, guy got hauled off in an ambulance.

Somebody saw the guy in class, teacher made him remove his hat and he had a big shave spot with a bunch of stiches.

Lesson: Do not fuck with the quiet long haired guy who shreds the guitar. He will crack your head open. Ha Ha

King of Tigerland said...

a lil floyd brings everyone home!!!

Best story I have heard in a while(chucky)!!!!!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Way to go Chuck.

I will be taking Birthday presents all afternoon.

SNowing in Memphis today, ass cold.

King of Tigerland said...

happy birthday dr, your present should post in a minute