Thursday, February 15, 2007



lola said...

happy birthday, doctor. and happy belated v-day to the rest of you. anybody know anything about these clear boys from hoover. or traylor from mountain brook? isn't one of you a brookie????? isn't tibble reese from there? just popping in to let you guys know i am still lurking in the background.

did any of you see vaughn in that competition by allstate. i had to laugh. herbie and guys talking about this guy and his total points and all i could think was if his team could SCORE from the red zone, he might not be winning that big screen while kicking foosballs. ouch.

King of Tigerland said...

the clear's are twins who played one year at hoover...both big, raw athletes....both 6'3'' is a big target at reciever but wont run by anyone....the other is a raw d end...I expect both to redshirt

my mom teaches at mountain brook but I didnt go to school there....tribble ran a version of quick strike, west coast, spread in high school so he will suited very well for the short passing attack

nice to have you back, lola