Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Winter Finale

June has rolled in and so did the finals in hockey and basketball. Carolina Hurricanes are the Stanley Cup Champs. Champs and the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals. D-Wane Wade is incredible. Impressive to come from 2 games down and four straight to win the title. Winning is the only thing that justifies Riley taking over the team from Van Gundy. T?

"It feel real good." - Gary Payton

Way to go Kobe. Run off Shaq. Do you ever think you will win another championship?

Now that the winter sports have come and gone, the only thing left to do is countdown to football season. I watched the game in the hotel bar. Yes, the hometown Mav fans were hurting but I did have a nice conversation with a Texas A&M alumni. When I told him I was from Atlanta he replied that I probably don't care at all. I told him he was right. Apparently Franchione must win 10 games to get a new contract. They should be good though. The only team that game Texas a scare before the thriller

Dr., the Alabama CEO & Founder drives an Aston Martin and is boys with Mark Cuban. Not bad for an English major in Tuscaloosa.

One thing, absolutely no diversity. All caucasion and good myself. Alisha is a good example.

Smoltz offers to be traded for the betterment of the Braves. What the hell?

I take personal responsibility for the lack of action on the blog as I have not provided any good topics lately.

Daddy, interview? go well?

Alisha, please grab these gentlemen's attention.

Ladies, have a good day and enjoy.


shakeyour$maker said...

It feel real good.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here are a couple of rants from the doctor today. A couple of things that have pissed me off this week:

1 - Parking decks and the darkie attendants that work in them. Last night the worker at the deck said he had to change the tape before any cars could get out. After 25 minutes with a line of cars backed up at the exit, he simply walked up turned a key, the gate rose. 25 fucking minutes

2 -, every article other than news is now insider, are the espn columnists that much better than the other sports sites, NO

3 - Buyers on Lot 115 - said I told them "Natural" was the color of one of the darkest cabinet stains we have. This is like calling red -blue, LIARS

4 - My Windshield - What is there a fucking bullseye on this thing?? 3 trips out of Memphis, 3 rocks to it. Had appt. to get it gelled today, it ran yesterday.

5 - People who are obsessive about their dogs. Just because you love your dog, doesn't mean I want to have it lick all over me.

Thats it and thats all man.

It fel real good

Daddy said...

Must be that time of the month Dr., I do however agree with you, especially the ESPN thing, I get real pissed at that as well.

THe interview went real well. It went from 9:00 to 1:30, so it was long but less formal than I thought. They are putting together an offer, but I might have to go to F-ing El Paso Texas if I accept, so I dont know.

King of Tigerland said...

out in the west texas town of el paso, I fell in love with mexican girl....

shakeyour$maker said...

A couple of things that have pissed me off this week:

1) My out of shape body. Went to the lake with the family for Father`s Day. After ski-ing a couple of times, and riding the new inner-tube (a Body Glove skimming disc) a few times....I woke up the next morning with the worst pains I have ever had. My titties felt like knives were cutting my insides...abs felt worse...chicken legs cramped up all day, and were sore...muscles I didn`t know I had hurt as well.

2) The Braves...enough said.

3) Flies that come in the house everytime the front door opens. I swear we live in "The Land of the Flies."

4) Dumb ass realtors who call my phone all day long just to ask me if my units that are listed for sale (Mind you they are listed in the 300,000s) could be rented to college students.....Are you kidding me? Hell No they aren`t FOR RENT. If they were for rent, don`t you think I would have a FOR RENT sign on them, instead of a FOR SALE sign?

5) Contractors...Dumb ass builders. I was given an estimate on the replacement of a roof by an inspector in the amount of $1500 for all the work.
I contacted another contractor to see what he would charge for the same thing and was given a price of over $6,000. Do these people really think that I am that big of a dumb ass? When that price came off the tounge of the contractor, I slapped him in the mouth and pointed toward the door.

That`s it and that`s all MAN!

Daddy, I am gonna work your ass in bowling tonight.

Daddy said...

Bring it shakes, I am ready!
Give me a holler after 4:45, then we will prolly meet yall over there and hit one up then head to the alley, death alley for you.

Dr.Feelgood said...

One more to add to my list, and this one will be long so enjoy.

6 - Fucking pigs of the Southaven Police Dept.

First off a little background to the situation. Southaven has grown in gigantic proportions over the past 10 years, therefore the roads and intersections have yet to adapt to the mass population that drives on its streets.

One main intersection is one that I turn everyday to get to work. Since the road system was put in in the 1950s era when it was nothing but pastures, the turning lane is more like a yield lane and built for about 3 cars.

So, if 3 cars pile up in the straight lane of traffic it completely blocks off the turning lane. God only knows how much it gets backed up when a tractor trailer (or 2, like today) are stopped at the light.

Alright Incident:
I,like usual when it is backed up, go around the trucks to turn right onto the road off of which I work. Cop immediately turns on his lights and flies around the intersection to obviously pull me over.

I'm thinking this has got to be a joke, but I also knew this was an indication of the Barney Fife I had commanding the cop car behind me. I pulled over and was asked one of the top entries in the "Queerest Cop Questions" book. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I politely told him not really(even though I could probably take a good guess), and then he explained that I was driving on the shoulder and that was a violation. I then told him politely again that I don't think that I was "driving" on the shoulder but used it for maybe 10 yards to enter the turning lane, and kindly pointed at two cars that were doing it as we were chatting. HE did not reply and walked to his car.

About 10 minutes later he came back with a ticket, and explained to me that since I live out of state(keep in mind we are less than a mile from Stateline Rd., the beginning of Memphis Tn, where I live) he was going to hold my license quote:"In lieu of bail", and when you pay the ticket you will recieve your license.

I gave him my best piece of shit look and politely asked"You have got to be kidding me? Could you not have just written a warning and let me go to work? I need my license to go out of town, and catch a flight before this court date arrives." About middle of the last sentence he turned to walk towards his car.

Now furious I yelled, "Fucking Faggot!", with his car door opened he walked back to my car and said "Excuse me?" I said " Wasn't talking to you." He turned and gotclose to his car and this time out of rage I yelled "Fucking Douchebag" To which he yelled a reply of "excuse me?" one more time, and started walking towards the car. I leaned my head out and said"I told you I wasn't talking to you." I at least felt a minor victory calling him names.

After 2 hours of sweet talking the old lady court clerk and having my lawyer and boss call in, the ticket seems to be getting dropped, and they returned my drivers license back within 3 hours of dealing with Barney Fife.

Seriously, I drive a $45,000 dollar car, dressed in business casual attire, explained to him that I work every day right down the road, and I live in the neighboring town (just so happens to be a stateline between the two).. BUT by this officers discretion he felt that I was going to be a flight risk on an improper lane usage ticket, and needed to hold MY fucking drivers license until I paid it.

I made sure to tell the clerk today that when she saw officer #1155 to tell him I said I hope he "had a wonderful week, because he had sure screwed mine." and to Suck my balls, j/k kidding on the last, but seriously what a "Fucking Faggot!" and "Fucking Douchebag!"

Wasted hours of my time and energy today

Daddy said...

Sounds like the police force up there got made fun of more than usual in high school.

Dr.Feelgood said...

seriously is that not absurd

Daddy said...

That is very ridiculous. I hate people who power-trip. It is about one of the most pussy things you can do.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Did you all see where if Juwan Simpson attends a drug class, charges will be dropped.

He also took a drug test the day before, and 2 days after and passed

King of Tigerland said...

absolutely ridiculous...sounds like the Madison police

tigernation said...

The drug charges will be dropped, as they should. I heard it was only a blunt that they found in the car.

The gun charge still stands but is only a missy so it's nothing but a fine.

The question is what kind of punishment will Shula hand out? Shula risks looking like a pushover if he doesn't do something.

I say he sits for HI and that should be enough.

tigernation said...

There is a conspiracy by the World Cup refs against the USA.

They just gave Ghana a pk for a foul that was non-existant. The Ghana dude just fell down on his own in extra time at the end of the first half......foul=goal and where down 2-1. Bullshit

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah that PK was bullshit.

Heard Juwan took the gun to the Northport police (who also fall into the previous conversations) and they cleared the gun.

tigernation said...

Did he have a permit? Not that it matters. He was still driving around with weed and a gun. Which is just funny to me. Nigs will be nigs, regardless of where they are. And never forget that.

I hate the offsides call in soccer. We are beating Ghana 1 on 1 with the ball in the air and they keep calling off sides. If you get beat, and your man is behind you, the ref keeps it fair. "F" that, I want to see some scoring.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The Ghanans are the biggest vaginas, every time one of them hits the grass they lay around screaming

Dr.Feelgood said...

When you train for four years, and all you can produce is one legit goal, you do not deserve to make it to another round

tigernation said...

Donovan is the most overrated player in the world. He is 5 foot nothing 100 and nothing.

We have a free kick right outside the box and he kicks the ball over the goal and out of bounds. At least give your guys a chance. He did things like that all tournament.

I was a part of a state championship soccer team in 1994 (8th grade daddy) and I learned enough to know that you have to put the ball at the goal if you want to score. Our guys had no idea wht the hell was going on all the way up until the first half of this game. Then in the second half, we just ran around in circles.

Cut out the diving and the immediate cards and it will be much more interesting. I hate seeing guys just fall every time they get touched. I just want to kick them while they are down and spit and say......"i bet it hurts now, doesn't it you little pussy!!!"

shakeyour$maker said...

Well, well, well....Daddy and Shakes split 4 games 2-2 in bowling last night. I got so drunk, I couldn`t hardly walk when I got home. Can`t do it like we used to.

tigernation said...

Awwwww, does your puuuuusiou hurt this morning little Shakey?!?!?!

Just kidding. I swear they put something in the beer at the bowling alley. It always gets me hammered.

Swingin' Medalions tomorrow at the old Train Depot downtown G'ville. Should be a good time.

Daddy said...

Yeah bowling alley beer is the shit, when I got home I ate half a tin of cold lasagna and proceeded to lecture jana about the mysteries of life for about an hour before I passed out, all of that before 10 o'clock....pretty sad.

I did however find out last night that I passed the FE exam....I am now officially a mother F-ing EIT(engineer in training).

Daddy said...

Shakes and I did put down 4 pitchers between the two of us. WHich isnt bad considering we are light weights.

tigernation said...

Yeah that's not too bad. 4 pitchers is about 11 or 12 beers each. Nice!!

Greg Smith, the 6'3" 325 DT just qualified from JUCO. He will be at AU in about 2 weeks.

He is a monster and I hope he gets in shape to play

tigernation said...

Oh yeah, they just discovered WMD's in Iraq......that's right lefty, bedwetting, liberal, panty-waist, fags......Bush and his Intel are not liars. So you can take the bullshit and shove it in your ass.

King of Tigerland said...

Congrats, Daddy...we are proud of you.

Daddy said...

Thank you very much.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--- There are still Liberals saying that those weapons that were found are about as dangerous as what you would find under your kitchen sink. Fuckin tards.

Looking into puttin a bar in downtown AU. Just found a nice little spot for a decent price. I think I am gonna do it.

Daddy said...

Do it! And call it "Gwin's"-just kidding. Call it "THe Downtown Dive" or "THe balck market blues bar"

tigernation said...

Yeah you know the liberals will spin it to make their argument. I don't give a shit what those rat face fuck heads think.

They can't stand the fact that we are making progress in Iraq so they just bitch and moan with no suggestions as to what we could do better. The pnly thing they say is "we at least we are not Bush." Damn right your not, Bush has a spine and a set of nuts.

Open the bar and call it the "Dew Drop Inn".

Daddy said...

I think that I saw that Idlewild South is playing downtown tonight. Shakes, you going?