Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hawks Getting Physical

The Atlanta Hawks are not getting any older. With the youngest average age in the NBA, Atlanta selected Sheldon Williams of Duke and Soloman Jones of South Florida. Two senior picks are a departure from the norm for Atlanta. Sheldon and Soloman should provide a physical inside presence, defense and rebounding for the Hawks. At first glance it looks like a good compliment to the skill and athleticism of Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams and the other young Hawks. Now, lets see if they can put it together.

The Grizzlies go Gay.

Who really cares about the NBA Draft anyways.

It was an afterthought as I was exploring my new DirecTV. Satellite is pretty cool so far.

Will Hoover center Pugh decide the Auburn Tigers this morning? It is shaping up to be a decent start for recruiting.

Georgia, best backfield in the country? Seriously, I beg to differ. I would not even say they have the best backfield in the SEC. That is Auburn, Alabama or LSU.

Most talent in the SEC? Florida or LSU followed by Auburn or Georgia? Where does Bama and Tennessee fit in?

Dr., Bama update and Grizz draft analysis? I saw that a few of your Memphis Blue Tigers went high last night.

Diddy, any more interviews?

Ladies, have a nice day. The stunning pics will return once I have internet back at #10. Later on.


tigernation said...

daddy - what did you think about the show last night?

I liked Don't do It and Cripple Creek. During Cripple Creek my brother looked over and laughed at how much Shakes would have liked their version of that song. I thought it was pretty funky.

The show as a whole was kind of slow, lots of long jams. which was fine with me but I think some folks wanted some more of their trendy stuff.

Did you enjoy the seats?

I thought Chriss looked really tired and/or stoned.

Rich and Mark Fucking Ford singing is pretty funny but I liked it.

Daddy said...

I really enjoyed it. The black crowes are really coming into the jamming stuff. The first few jams were good, but by that last jam in thorn in my pride they were tearing it up. Three of those songs I have never heard you know them?

Yeah, I dont think that most of that crowd knew what they were getting into. But the crowes are really becoming incredible.

I think they might have been on mushrooms or something, with the mushroom stage set-up and the long jams, and you are right chris (with his doo-rag) looked fucked up, but i think that is when he is at his best.

I was mistaken about the 6th row, we were on about the 20th row, but the seats were still pretty good.

Also my f-ing brother and his buddy got backstage passes from one of the scantilly clad copenhagen girls that my brother knows. They sat directly behing mona and the other back-up singer and talked to them and marc ford, they also hit one up back-stage, they said it was incredible....I hate him.

Daddy said...

I looked for yall a while but never found you, probably because I was pretty wasted by the time yall got there.

Daddy said...

tonight it will not be a tie, be ready for Daddy...aka- "John Lebowski"

shakeyour$maker said...

"Don`t fuck with "Da Jesus(Shakes)!!! And don`t you even think about pulling out a piece, man. If you do, I`ll stick it up your ass and pull the trigger until it goes click."

Daddy: "Jesus!?!?!"

Shakes: "You got it man. Don`t Fuck with "Da Jesus."

tigernation said...

Yeah I agree with you on how they have come into the jamming much more.

I love how when they jam it's freaking rock, no foo foo fruity prancing around, I'm talking loud, obnoxious rock music.

I also liked the shroom stage setup. With the jamming in and out of songs and the shrooms it was sort of like a brothers' show.

We were in the second tier, nobody really around us, it was nice. I didn't expect to run into y'all. I was drunk and just trying to stay between the bathroom, the beer stand and the seats. I was FFFFF'd up on the drive back into b-ham. So glad I made it

Overall, I'll give the show a 8.6, and that is comparing it to the Fox at a 9.8. I knew they wouldn't play very long so it was a good mix of jams and trendy songs. But I didn't know some of the ones you were talking about

Dr.Feelgood said...

Ladies sorry for a brief absence over the past two day.

Grizz made some bold moves traded Shane Battier for Rudy Gay and the return of Stromile to Memphis. Then took Lowrey from Nova and traded to get a second round pick guy from FSU. Reporting this is the best draft moves that West has done while in Memphis. Hate to see Battier leave, he was a solid defender and class act, but Rudy Gay has potential, we shall see.

Bama landed big recruit yesterday from Hoover, OL, and stadium is looking unbelievable, I will try to email some pics.

Daddy word has traveled to memphis that you are getting married August 26th. WTF???

Daddy said...

No that is a rumor! Who told you that?

Daddy said...

Yeah, Oak mtn is a fun place to see a show, bathrooms and beer relatively close.

Dr.Feelgood said...

My source recieved it staright from Jana. You need to put that girl in check, scaring everyone like that

Daddy said...

I do not think jana would say that, we are on the same page with that topic. WHo is your source?

Dr.Feelgood said...

I swear it came from Jana, straight from her lips dude.

She came in told EY, who then called me. She wouldn't make up that date, and on the beach, before football season so her dad could attend and then she could move to Texas with you. Daddy get that girl in check,

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes was there when it was said too not just EY ask him

shakeyour$maker said...

I apologize if I was not supposed to say anything to anyone. When Dr. called me yesterday, I told him that Jana told EY and myself that you and her had picked out a date, and that yall were going to tie the knot at the beach, so yall could move out to El Paso together.

I try to stay away from the rumor stuff...but coming from Jana, I didn`t think it was a rumor. I`m sorry for passing along false information.

Daddy said...

We have talked about if I do have to go to Texas that we may do something like that so she could go with me. We have all ready decided to have a small wedding at the beach with just some freinds and family(no matter when it is) but we havnt set a date. still waiting to figure out where I am going...that will be what determines that. August 26, was probably just a speculative date she came up with as a ball-park date in case I do have to go to Texas and her come with me, since that is the last weekend before football season. Things are moving fast this summer with finishing school and finding a job and moving on to the next stage of my life, and we are trying to get things in line. The last two weeks have brought around some unexpected things....job opportunities mostly and our original plans may not work out, so we are both stressed out and trying to figure out what to do.

So, I guess there is a slim possibility that that could happen. But there are no definite plans, and that would only happen if I went to Texas.

Daddy said...

Its cool man, I mean it is not a secret or anything. Just in the last week or two, we have had to think about a lot of stuff and are just trying to be smart about it and do the right thing. If I do have to go to Texas, I really dont want to go alone. I am not good at that anymore.

shakeyour$maker said...

I hear ya....Texas is a big lonesome state.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I understand the not wanting to go alone to texas, but also a marriage shouldn't be rushed for that reason alone. If it is meant to be it will work out regardless of texas.

I would clearly hope that I would be included in the small wedding, and especially at beach. you know the doctor loves the ocean, but nigga got a job, I need a little heads up on these things

Make that cheese for a little while then have a blowout wedding in a year. you shouldn't just rush to marriage given a job opportunity snap out of it daddy

tigernation said...

Right on Dr. I concur with your assesment.

In the words of George Brinson (my room mate's father).........."Shit Bill, I don't know why anybody would get married.....just look at my wife washing those dishes while I drink this beer with you......she'll be on my ass the rest of the night..."you son of a bitch, I washed all those damn dishes while you got drunk with those boys!"........I tell ya Bill, live with somebody, fuck somebody, whatever you have to do...just don't get's like having a job after your job. You get hassled all day at work, then you come home to get hassled the rest of the night......NEver get married."

Of course he was exaggerating but I think he makes a point. He has been happily married (I guess) for quite a while and I think there is a little truth there.

There is always time to be married and live that life. No need to jump in on a whim. Give it a test drive to be sure.

Sorry for sticking my nose in but I had to share that story.

Good luck daddy

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nation sorry for the rivals thing Tuesday. Hope I didn't screw the account up

tigernation said...

No I don't think it was really a problem. I just tried to look at a message board and it told me to login. I guess when I did that it locked you out?

No big deal, feel free to use it whenever. I'm usually not logged in after about 5:30pm my time.........just don't piss any of those crazy ass posters off!!! Just kidding. Rivals has some of the craziest fans.....way more than

Dr.Feelgood said...

I don't post mainly just do some reading. So I won't piss off the fanatics.

Continuing with my pissed off attitude towards I wanted to read about the draft all info is insider go to sportsline, the headline story is Meija grading the draft.

Suck it Espn

King of Tigerland said...

I'm w/ the Dr., Daddy, be sure you know it is the right decision...I can tell you from personal experience with my parents and $hakes can tell you what I told him when I was in Auburn about mama crying on her wedding night and the divorce happening two years before my sister and I were told. It won't be worth it down the road. It is completely your decision, just make sure it is the best thing for Daddy!

And I will be a crasher if I don't get invited as well!!!!!!!

Dr., which recruit from Hoover? Pugh?

King of Tigerland said...

oh, Tubs new stadium looks good. It should be a lot louder. Will they completely close in the upper decks in the end zone?

Daddy said...

I appreciate the concern, I really do. And I completely understand where it is coming from. But I am not being pressured into getting married, in fact, beleive it or not it was my idea in the first place. And we really wouldnt be rushing it, we have planned to get married for a while. We went to a wedding two weeks ago, and jana made the comment that she doesnt want a big wedding anymore. Her parents offered her a big wedding or the money it cost for the big wedding, and she decided she would rather take the money and just have a small wedding at the beach with a lot less stress. And daddy is always up for less stress. Which leads up to that a small wedding at the beach could be easily planned in a short time, so why not go ahead and do it, IF I do go to Texas.

And I dont look at it like yall are getting into my buisness. I appreciate any advice given to me and I take it to heart. I would rather make decisions with the support of my freinds then without them. But you can all trust me when I say that I love Jana and I will never do anything until I am good and ready....mainly because I am a puss.

Daddy said...

And you guys know that the blog is definitely invited.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I will be there invited or not Daddy. I am not trying to poke in the business either, but you know where we are from. I have seen so many people who got married to soon get divorced just as soon, hell even a two week marriage, because the answer when things restricted their relationship was to get married, without fully looking into the financial aspect and mental aspect of having a spouse. Just looking out for you Daddy

I think his name is Crump Kingdom, Patrick Crump maybe?? and don't know about the completely closing in.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Also I think someone has posted this on here before but a good reading site would be

Daddy said...

And I really do appreciate it, I would do the same for anyone here. I am a paranoid puss about things like this, and I promise I am not going to do anything until I am sure.

King of Tigerland said...

Concern is out of love, just do what is right for you, Daddy. Just don't do it because you don't want to be alone. Best wishes, as always we will support the decision if that is where your heart and head is at. All have a good 4th weekend.

I am taking off for the field now. I want some more leads before the holiday weekend. Chasing the deal is crazy, but I love the chase and it is addictive...eternal buzzseeker I guess.

Nation, what is the story w/ Russell's bash? I would like to see Trap and all ya'll.

I'd like to call him if you have his number.

Dr., was he the DT or a offensive guard? Pugh committed to Auburn. I bet Hoover's line could compete against a small college team and win 2 out of 3 times. They are basically a college program anyways.

Ladies, have a good one.

tigernation said...

Kingdom I really don't know what to tell you about Russell's thing.

Donny said that Trap would probably not come.

Jay said they were getting up there pretty high with the numbers so he and his wife were reluctant to keep adding people.

Like I said, it will probably be mostly older parents and such, so it will be a low key event. I really don't think they invited many of their friends from high school.

There is a reason he is not asking a bunch of college and high school friends to come but he didn't tell me why.

I left my phone at home today so if you really want his number I'll have to get it later.

Daddy said...

An update on the on-going Pro
2-pitcher minimum, Universal Chapionship Bowling series: shakes is up one game on daddy, but not for long. Daddy has been bowling a little inconsistent, but will be back on track very soon.

shakeyour$maker said...

Yes ladies and gentlemen.....Shakes took it to daddy last night, after spliting the first two games.....Shakes put his foot down, and told Daddy..."Don`t fuck with da Jesus" and proceeded to bust a turkey on the first three frames. How sweet it is....Bowling Champion of the World. There is always next week though for Daddy to get another shot at the title belt.

tigernation said...

All I have to say better be glad I live so far away....or you guys would not want to bowl anymore.

Upon further thought kingdom, it's probably not a good idea to call Jay and ask to come to his party. I don't want to seem rude or anything, but it might rub him the wrong way. Especially since he will have to explain it to his wife and mother.

Wish I could help but it really isn't my decision or my party. Sorry man.

Daddy said...

The battle has only just begun. "Lebowski" likes to toy with his victims, let them have a little hope, then crush their dreams like hiroshima.

Daddy said...

We would not want to bowl because we would get tired of taking easy on the old man.

Daddy said...

Did a little research, the songs I did not know at the crowes show were:

"Yer Blues"-Lennon, McCarthy
"Tough Mamma"-Bob Dylan and The Band

Three songs from The Band at the show!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Did you put the Randy Quaid on him from Kingpin. Ishmael Boorg and Ernie Mcracken going head to head.

Got to work the long haul and work through the weekend.

tigernation said...

Yeah I have to work also. I think i might close on sunday and go out on the lake though. Then I got tues. off so that is good.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Leaving for Key West Monday for the week. Boss not happy b/c girl I work with decided to schedule another trip for next weekend and no one will be here

tigernation said...

Well if you are gonna be working tomorrow I'll be ready for some blogging. I'm sure that 4th of July weekend will be pretty slow on the retail side. Most folks around here will be out on the lake