Monday, March 27, 2006

What the *&%$?

It is all she wrote for most of us in the 2nd Annual DFF March Madness Pool. We shall see if a miracle prevents the defending champ from running away with it again. Bag o' pennies is damn right.

Duke, UCONN, what the hell?!?

Opening Day this Sunday....who are the picks for the pennants?

While at the house on Monday Kirilenko & Sharapova played tennis and both were smokin' hot. Who are the hottest women in sports?

Graceland becomes National Historic Monument. Only in America!

Updates from Athens or Tuscaloosa spring practices, Dr./Nation/Bulldog?


tigernation said...

WEll, we might not see much of the bulldog for a while. He left his coaching job at Shaw U and is doing some side work until his position is ready in Commercial Lending for Regions Bank.

Wish him luck, I know how tough it is to change jobs when you are starting out.

Spring at UGA: Still in a 4 way battle for QB and don't expect to hear of a true starter until sometime during summer two-a-days.

Breaking in a new d-backfield after losing 3 starters. I was talking to my room-mate and he said they may have to start a true freshman at safety 'cause most of the "high rated" recruits from the previous years have flunked out or been kicked off.

It's great to have 5 straight top 10 recruiting classes but what good does it do if none of them can stay in school? No excuse for having to start a true freshman after all those "big classes", no excuse.

Dr.Feelgood said...

A note delivered for Nigel:

Pretty ladies Lizabeth and Jana, pretty ladies all the rest of you, my
address is:
Nigel Guntharp
731 1/2 12th Street
Unit C
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Thanks for the money in advance, I'll be sure to enjoy a few beers
during the final four to celebrate. Good playin (except for Seth),
best of luck next time and you can make those checks out to Mr. Nigel
A. Guntharp.

Take it easy


Dr.Feelgood said...

Spring in Tuscaloosa: JPW the clear starter for fall. He is looking better with each scrimmage. barnes has passed Guillion for the back up job.

Defense has looked solid all spring. Simeon now at staring CB and Dukes at Roman HArpers old position seemed to be a nice fill in for two of the lost senior posts. Although currently not staring the LB to watch is redshirt Fresh Prince Hall.

Biggest Spring has probably gone to Jimmy Johns and Roy Upchurch. Will probably get to share a lot of time with Darby in the backfield this season. Both have looked really good

tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

I just had some lunch and I feel better now.

Sorry abou the outburst but I am still learning the ways of the snobby retail customer.

Do me a favor and never special order anything. Buy what the store has or don't buy at all. It usually works out bad for everybody.

Dr.Feelgood said...

What did you eat for lunch??

tigernation said...

I had a fried chicken Zalad from Zaxby's. You?

Dr.Feelgood said...

I had a bowl of chicken and veggis soup with veggie lasagna from a chic joint call Yia Yias Cafe. Ate with my Aunt. Very tasty and very girly

tigernation said...

Girly food can be good tasting and fun to look at sometimes.

Just ask daddy gwin, he loves girly food.

shakeyour$maker said...

Gwin eats Fresh Cod with a side dish of Mayo.

tigernation said...

I thoght he ate Tube Steak smothered in under wear. Topped with a creamy Japanese Bukkake white sauce.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Thats sick I am out of here on that one

tigernation said...


Now you play.........

Pick the month (number) you were born on

1----I slapped
2----I ran away with
3----I had sex with
4----I destroyed
5----I enjoyed a tasty
6----I really like
7----I have fantasies about
8----I raped
9----I cuddled with
10---I threw
11---I fondled
12---I ran headfirst into

Pick the day (number) you were born on

01------a hottie
02------a homosexual
03------an Easter egg
04------a pine tree
05------an A&F model
06------a toothbrush
07------Britney Spears
08------a herpes infested prostitute
09------a blind man wearing sunglasses
10------a cucumber
11------a chocobo
12------Paris Hilton
13------your mom
14------a lesbian
15------an overweight Asian woman
16------a car air freshener
17------your girlfriend
18------Teddy Geiger
19------a swing at the park
20------an orange
21------a bag of weed
22------a glass bowl
23------a pickle
24------a whore
25------a hamburger
26------a thanksgiving turkey
27------a homeless guy
28------a bottle of jager
29------a Mexican
30------a box of chocolates
31------a condom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing

White--- Because I'm pregnant
Black----Because I do what I want
Pink-----Because I have amazing boobs
Red-----Because I love the ganja
Blue----Because that's how I roll
Green----Because I'm in love
Purple----Because I can... bitch
Gray-----Because I was wasted
Other-----Because I am dying
Polka Dot-----Because I was drugged

King of Tigerland said...

Nation has waaaaaaaaay to much time on his hands.

I cuddled with a swing in the park because I am pregnent? Whaaaaat?

I guess the older you are the cooler your saying?

Well since Nige, has posted his address, mine is as follows.....

6640 Akers Mill Rd. #4222
Atlanta, GA 30339

Invoices are still outstanding........

I go the dr. in the morning for adderall and take my real estate test at night. Wednesday could be a big day with a daytime rendezeous with Big Pun somewhere in the middle. Beers after that with none other than J. Richard Dillon and BB. Mighty interesting.

Best wishes to the bulldog as I am about to jump into the deep end soon as well.

Dr., have you negotiated in your contract where you can do business outside of the development?

Lemme tell you a shitty story, Richard just switched careers to the building supply industry. Not a mile from Music Garden on his last day or work in the Gump, he is rearended at 55 and probably totaled his car. It was a Mercury so maybe he can upgrade the sexy quotient this time. signs or omens??

PS....does anyone answer my blog questions anymore? No hot athletes or pennant picks? Disapointing.

I am hearing Cox is the man in Athens. Could be an interesting fall.

tigernation said...

If any of you get to watch the Braves spring training game on Friday I will be about 10 rows behind the 3rd base dugout.

I will be yelling at the White Sox while pounding beers, so take a look.

Kingdom: I know a guy who is a grad assistant at UGA and he says it's wide open for QB right now.....Stafford has the best arm by far, Cox is accurate especially to his boy from high school Massoquaifraquiaafriao, Barnes is OK but just now taking the bull by the horns(less timid), and Joe T 3 is just good old Joe T 3......I personally don't think the Dawgs need to worry about QB as much as they need to worry about d-back.

Going to Carolina in game 2 with 3 new starters in the d-backfield is like Christmas for Spurrier.....he will be viscious.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Kingdom - My debts will be in the mail as of this week. I thought I could salvage some by winning he tournament. So I am coming clean, expect the debts to be paid soon.

Yes, I am free to do any kind of Real Estate transaction if I would like. We stay so busy that no one does side stuff, but it is available if you wanted to.

tigernation said...


shakeyour$maker said...

Hello Ass Faces. Spent the evening last night hangin out with the left wing liberal some know as Kramer, others refer to him as Bobby Neal Bright. I haven`t seen or heard from him in a few months. He was same as always....taking up for his dad`s decisions in the Montgomery political world. He also mentioned that he say Kingdom`s apartments on fire in ATL on CNN...his favorite channel. And yes, he did bring out the "Bear Cough" as his face and bald head turned from white to Cherry red.

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