Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Football Update

With Alabama and Auburn emphisising the run this spring, this will only contribute to the strongest running back conference in the nation. Irons, Darby, McFadden, Lumpkin/Brown, and AlleyB will all be strong next year. With all the great SEC backs, do any have a legit chance at 2000 and the Heisman?

Dr. and Bulldog, update from Tuscaloosa and Athens practices?

Nation, pics of the "Reclining Loosiers"??

Tate and Blackmon. Oh my.


tigernation said...

No 2000 yard backs and by no means any Heismans.

I just got through looking at some comments on the Scout board about the new DC at AU and some of his "teaching" language.

Guys are whining and crying about Muschamp using the F-word 5 times in one sentence. These guys are saynig it's "hypocrytical" to cuss all practice and then end in a prayer.

I guess these fags have never been in an intense sporting atmosphere where the best way to convey your point is through loud yelling and the occasional profane comment.

I can't stand "holier than thou" fans with no athletic experience on ANY level who want to preach.

Give me an "in-your-face" coach who gets his point across, however he does it, rather than a passive-agressive cheerleader-coach who's teams tackle like pussies. I bet teh coach who says "fuck" every now and then has his players attention.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Coach McCall Oxford High School DC dropped more F-bombs than Dice Clay, and was the leader of FCA

Dr.Feelgood said...

Really hoping these charges would have been football but, nonetheless, crack heads??

King of Tigerland said...

Golf it is not.

tigernation said...

Is the UT B-ball team eligible for the "Fulmer Trophy: Off-Season Arrest Championship"?

King of Tigerland said...

Lemme tell ya about my new addiction. Wilber has discovered online poker. is my place.

$ & Daddy, do I need to order a ticket? I saw them for sale but I would rather not pay an extra $5.

Daddy said...

Shakes was telling me bout will odell. What is the name of the band he has on his label?

shakeyour$maker said...

Only 10,000 will be allowed to attend Auburn`s A`Day? That is some bullshit. Last Year, Florida packed in something like 45,000....actually I think that number was in the 60,000s for their spring intersquad game. I know they are working on the stadium and all, but why don`t they open the upper decks or something? That kind of sucks.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The name of the label will be White Chariot Records.

The band that they are about to release is All We Ceebees?(Sp.?)
They are from Detroit, and I think they are like Wilco, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo sounding.

He is also recording some bands from chicago right now but i don't know names. Sounds pretty cool. I am going over there for the release party in a couple months.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Good read on college basketball this year and the white supremacy in the NCAA

King of Tigerland said...

$ or Diddy,

Any luck with tickets? What should I do?

Daddy said...

Found that band online: "All We Seabees".

Thats pretty cool, I hope Will does well with that. It would be pretty cool to be a record producer.

Daddy said...

Should find out today if coach Perry can get some tickets.

tigernation said...

Old Man(68) Whips Ass of Neighbor(49) over barking dogs....the old man is on the Board of Regents for the entire University system of GA.

ATLANTA - A University System of Georgia Board of Regents member and his neighbor got into a street brawl over their dogs barking at each other that sent the other man to the hospital, authorities said.
Regents member Donald Leebern Jr. had a fist fight with Mason Lewis Bentley on Saturday.

Bentley, the son of former Athens mayor Upshaw Bentley, was sent to the St. Mary's Hospital emergency room after suffering a broken nose and a punctured and collapsed lung, Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry said.

Berry said no charges have been filed against neither Bentley or Leebern.

"Since the parties were separated when the deputy arrived at the scene, the deputy did not actually see anyone fighting, and we have two conflicting stories about how the fight took place, so it's up to one of the parties involved to go apply for a warrant in
Magistrate Court if they want charges filed," he said.

As of Tuesday, neither man had petitioned Oconee County Magistrate Court for an arrest warrant against the other.
Leebern, 68, said Bentley continually attacked him even while he was attempting to leave.

But Bentley, 49, said Leebern called him out into the street and wanted revenge.

A sheriff's deputy found Bentley standing in his driveway "visibly upset" with blood on his face and knuckles, according to the incident report. When an officer arrived, the deputy noted that Bentley smelled of alcohol.

Bentley told the deputy he was standing in his yard playing with his Jack Russell terrier when Leebern and University of Georgia gymnastics coach Suzanne Yoculan walked by with their two dogs, which prompted all the dogs to bark at each other.

In Bentley's statement, he says tried to pick up his dog but Leebern shouted at him saying, "Come out here, let's settle this." Then Bentley went to the street to fight, he told the sheriff's deputy.

But Leebern and Yoculan said that after the dogs started barking, Bentley yelled obscenities at them. Then the two got into an altercation and afterward Bentley threatened to get his AK-47 from his home, Leebern told the deputy.

Ed Allen, attorney for Bentley, said his client had not asked for a warrant against Leebern.
"And I'm not inclined to take any action to pursue a warrant," Allen said. "I just consider it an unfortunate incident."

Lesson to you young bucks: Don't mess with an old man(me) unless you want your nose broken(Shakes).

shakeyour$maker said...

That Bentley guy sounds like a puss(Nation). I`m glad the old man stuck it to him.

Nation- Are you getting the Sr. Citizen discounts when you go out to eat?

Dr.Feelgood said...

No, he can't get the discount until he apllies for his AARP card

tigernation said...


You guys are a freaking riot!!!!

The only way I am like the Bentley guy is the FACT that I will one day be driving a BENTLEY!!!!!

Actually, the 350Z is in the works......just got to find somebody to give me what I want for the Honda and I'll be coming to AU games in the fall in the VROOOM VROOOOM ZZZZZZZ!!!!

Shakes, I hope you are ready for the A-Day weekend, music wise of course. I have been a practicing my little butt off.

tigernation said...

Actally Shakes and Dr. - the old man here says he'll take his AARP card and shove it up both of your ASSES!!!!!! JK

shakeyour$maker said...


I`m ready man. When will you be in town? Are you gonna bring your new motorized wheel chair to get around town?

Daddy said...

Have you gone through the change (menopause) yet?