Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Tennessee chokes a win away to UCLA and their 4 INT QB and this is what Arian Foster's mother has to say...

"would've posted had we won, so what the heck. I've seen blame on everything from orange pants to Dustin Colquitt. Arian had a bad fumble....a good game, but a bad fumble. No excuses. It can't happen and it shouldn't. What would you like me to say?


What would you like Arian to say to you? While you lure former athletes to your home with food and drink and God knows what else? While you sit there and offer $100 handshakes to anyone who will pay any attention to you? While you spread gossip like an old fat bat at the beauty shop? What would you like my son to tell you?

How about I tell you something instead. I'm grateful that he doesn't look for fools like you. I'm grateful that he stays far far away from crud and filth and people who have nothing better to do in life than to mire in other peoples business. I'm grateful that he can get up tomorrow and still look a fine man in the mirror. And I'm grateful that no matter what he does on the field or in life, he'll be a far better character than you will ever be.

Money doesn't buy you intelligence, it doesn't even buy you love. But I guess in Memphis, it sure as hell buys you a crowd at your house for a football game. I'd gladly be poor all my life than to wind up like you.

And I don't care if I get banned. You, Roy Adams, can kiss my ass."

Tennessee has bigger problems than Fulmer. Their OC made no adjustments and their offensive line collapses when Crompton needed them.

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