Monday, November 26, 2007


First off, thank you to the Auburn crew of TigerNation, the $hakes Family and the Daddy Family. You and your wives were amazing this weekend. Thank you for putting together such tremendous tailgate and spread. There was no equal on campus. I truly appreciate the hospitality and it made this Thanksgiving weekend one of the best ever. Thank you.

I have a holiday hangover right now.

Second, $400,000 a point is what Alabama paid for Saturday night's debacle. It should have been 35 zero, at least. If Brandon Cox was half a quarterback it would have been very, very, very ugly for Alabama. 12 underthrew 3 touchdowns(at least 35 yard gains if you want to argue). Brandon Cox is the winningest active quarterback in the SEC. John Parker Wilson has a losing record as a starter at 12-13.
Even at his worst, 12 is better than anything Alabama can put on the field. Auburn had better players at every position, bar none. And that should be the case for at least two more seasons.
I would also like to take this time to thank all the Wilbur Churchill fans in section 107 that cheered for my press conference reenactment during halftime. Aight!!!!!!

The last time Alabama beat Auburn, Enron was a good investment!
Six feels very, very good. And it will for another 364 days.
Victoriously yours,
Wilbur Churchill

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