Friday, September 07, 2007

A somewhat sensible post

Tired of this nonsense going on................

Carl's Pick'em

LSU, and fairly big

Barners, will cover THIS week
Alabama, I wished I could bet on my old school, b/c this is a lock @ -3.5
South Carolina, only to cover the line, UGA wins in a close one
Oxford big over Pinson Valley

Headed down to the Barn in about 20 min. Ready to tie one on with the rivals. Looking forward to a weekend of gluttony, binge drinking, rehashing stories that still make me laugh EVERY time I hear them, total debauchery, half naked college co-eds, and, oh yeah, a little college football in the process

Roll Tide Roll


Dr. Feelgood


ShakeYour$Maker said...


Looking forward to the weekend. Hope Vandy doesn`t whup up on Bama too much.

Anonymous said...

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