Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Did this weekend really happen?

Did this weekend really happen? Did Wilbur really start off picks with a 3 game streak and then crash and burn with 3 losses? Did Auburn's offensive line really look that bad? Did that girl do the Phi Mu rush song at 5 am and make me laugh so hard I could cry?

Apparently the answer is yes. It was a terrific weekend with the exception of what was televised Saturday.

Glass Half Empty

"A W is a W" or "At least we won" will not appease me. The offensive line was so bad that Hugh Nall's grades were published in the newspaper. The returning starter is the worse?

Zone middle is not our only running play and when there is penetration, why don't you trap? Where was Mario Fannin? Tubs runs his mouth for weeks then the guy barely sniffs the field.

Robert Dunn and Ben Tate (who played a great game) need to learn to set up blocks. Both had long returns/runs that could have gone the distance if they were patient and did a better job of using the blockers in front.
Al Borges may have lost his touch calling plays.

Glass Half Full

Quentin Groves is the best defensive player in the SEC, no arguement.

The defense bent but never broke, the only touchdown was on a trick play, however they had tried to run about 3 times by the time it got in.

Last 6 minutes.........yeah, the Alabama excuse, I know.........Auburn looked unbeatable for the last 6 minutes. Can they play like that for 60 minutes? Can Auburn put together 3-5 step drop passes and a few play action 7 step deep posts? Can they loosen up the line so that a back can find daylight? Can the defense play with fire late into the game and not only when it is needed?
Nation, $ & Daddy, I appreciate the hospitality. Carl, there is a challenge from the Margarits Boys that the Martini Boys might need to handle this weekend so get ready.

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