Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coach Mo

My offensive line coach from Bob Jones, Coach Mo Thigpen passed away from a heart attack at 42. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever been screamed at like he used to scream at me. In demonstration, this 6'3'' 300 lb. man would knock me into briar patches by our practice field to simply prove a point to the rest of the line. My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sullivan said to me one Monday after attending the game on Friday night, "I am friends with your mama but if you ever get in trouble I am going to Coach Mo and not her."
He was someone who knew exactly what we were doing on the weekends and even had beers with after we were out of school. For what it is worth, he did a great deal for me in a time where my parents marriage was in shambles, my father was non existent in my life and I could have very easily gotten myself into trouble. I was the smallest starter on the line at 193 pounds, he gave me a chance to prove myself and I appreciate that. May he rest in peace.


tigernation said...

So sorry to hear that Kingdom. sounds like a good guy.

Anonymous said...

i just found this info on here. i had heard he passed on a few years ago but didnt have much info. i just found guestbook on net so i guess its true. very sad. he went to a dance with me my freshman year at uah. i guess maybe he was a senior? he was a very nice gentleman on that dance! and he even dressed to match me and my sorority colors. he just seemed like a very nice person....:). spring 1987.