Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in Rehab

Nothing like the end of the winter sports season and a Bammer coke bust to end a hiatus. Since I last joined you in February, many interesting events have occurred in the sports world.

The Hawks took the eventual World Champion, Boston Celtics, to game 7. No one else did. Now can they sign the Josh's?

Jimmy Johns gets busted selling health grams. Seriously, former Mr. Football in Mississippi sells undercover cops blow on 5 different occasions and then they find 10 grams of coke plus ectasy. Charging $500 for 7 grams? Nice markup but this editorial is not about JJ's pricing policies.

Former Alabama football player, Jimmy Johns, pointing to his clientele, ahem, student section during a game.

This begs the question why? what would possess you to do this? what are you not getting from the University, coaches, teammates or your family that you would blow....excuse me, waste a full ride to an SEC school on making a $10 margin per bag.

Everyone is going to be screaming at Lord Saban for this, I think they may be misplacing the blame. The blame should all fall on the shoulders of Jimmy Johns. He is a moron, he sold the blow, now he must take in in the corn hole. At a certain point, the coaches and players had to have known something was up. And that point is debatable. The coaches cannot follow these players around 24/7 nor should they have to.

With that being said, I wonder what they would find if they dug a little bit deeper and asked a few more questions. Paul Jr. may not like it or he will be found to be Pablo Bryant, Jr.

At least Bama gets a scholarship out of this.

And it seems he was in business with the Vick's as

In summary, Jimmy Johns is the Tool of the Year so far. Followed by Shaq.

Did you see Shaq's drunk rap in an NYC club? He could barely stand up and made a complete ass of himself. Kobe did and he probably didn't like it. But, hey, what is he gonna do to a guy 6 inches taller and over a hundred pounds bigger? Not a damn thing but Shaq will get it in the butt from someone for rapping out of his.

Nice to be back,

Pablo Bryant Jr.

Just kidding, Wilbur Churchill


Carl Montgomery said...

Don't ahem the student section at Bama. I have been to a few parties in Auburn.

Seriously, poor Jimmy could not have been making much money. Some dealer set him up and used his name to push more drugs. I wonder if he will bunk with former Tide) Sherman "The Shake" Williams in the pen??

Isn't he from LB's hometown?? Brookhaven??

King of Tigerland said...

I wasn't going to touch that last sentance....hahaha.

Carl Montgomery said...

Judging by the amount they found on him it sure didn't look like he had been successful for very long

King of Tigerland said...

Nope, probably had it fronted to bad he didn't want to be part of the "Process"....he might still be on the team going into his senior f'n year......aight?!?!

Yeah, it happens at Auburn and every other school.....only Knowshawn, Tebow & the other scholly players arent slangin on campus.

Come watch me play on Saturday afternoon and then do blow with me all night!!!

King of Tigerland said...

Put him together with Robert Baker, Chris Porter, Sherman Williams and Maurice Clarett and you would have a helluva a prison team.....JJ would go back to his QB roots.

tigernation said...

Season starts so soon....I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.

Carl Montgomery said...

58 days now nation??

tigernation said...

i'm not sure how many...too many for sure