Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008........glad she is here........finally.

Welcome to 2008! This is going to be the best year ever.

I had millions of ideas flowing through my mind and now don't have the concentration to put them together on a we'll just go with bullet points........not like anyone posts or responds anyways.

*Auburn Defense gave the new Auburn Offensse a chance to win the Peach Bowl against Clemson. Great game, from what I saw. I actually only saw about 10 minutes through the whole game and then overtime as I was stuck at Widespread Panic next door. And I got in trouble for it even though I was given "permission" to watch it on the club level.

Does anyone detect any bitterness from WPC over this??

*I don't care if I ever see Widespread Panic again. Every show seems exactly the same. Can we please outgrow this?? So fn glad that New Years is year we should jump from Thanksgiving directly to Christmas and then skip New least Marta was fun......bc I was absolutely not sober and couldn't stop laughing at the lil' ghetto smurf who kept asking if I "Watch the internet?" while he mimicced typing with his lil' ghetto hands.

*Alabama played well....for about a quarter and then absolutely fell apart. It was a miracle they didn't wind up losing the game. What gives over there? I guess we are all were expecting a lot more. There are problems over there that 4 & 5 Star recruits can't cover up.

Maybe the coaches only recruit and don't coach? There is evidence to support it.

*Will Fn Muschamp---Thank you, Arkansas & Ole Miss for not taking him. Auburn now has (argueably..sp) the best set of coordinators in CFB and the best coaching staff in general. DCWfnM is amazing and will have the best defense in the SEC......again.

*Urban Meyer has now proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Tim Tebow cannot save a team from not having a legit running game. Michigan beat Florida's brains out all day long.

*Hawaii didn't belong on the same field as Georgia. I have not seen such an unmerciless attack on a quarterback since Auburn sacked Stickman in the Iron Bowl a dozen times. Georgia and USC deserved each other in the Rose Bowl...Georgia had no business being in the BCS Championship game though because they got blown out by was 35-0 before garbage TD's made it seem a bit closer....and they can't beat Spurrier, that is like not being able to beat Duke.

*Arkansas embarassed themselves.......ugly game, ugly unis. I hope Petrino gets the ever living shit beat out of him the rest of his career. Arky will be on probation by 2010 if you ask anyone at Louisville.


Auburn--held Clempson's RB's in check (with the exception of the OMG run) and shut down Cullen Harper---Cullen, maybe you should have gone to Auburn after all.

Mississippi State--shut down the nation's leading rusher and held Barry Sander's single season record intact

Georgia--is Colt still alive of in the trauma unit of New Orleans Mercy Hospital? There may be a criminal investigation into the severity of his beating.

Happy New Year to all,

Wilbur P. Churchill

All played well.

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lola said...

congratulations, gentlemen. is muschamps going to texas??????